We are a magical quiet retreat, among waterfalls, river and jungle land, away from the noise of towns and cars, where we offer beautiful Yoga retreats, powerful immersions and Yoga Teacher Trainings for those students who REALLY wish to learn Yoga.

The Ashram is a tiny intentional, conscious, transient Yogic community, where I realized my vision to share my sacred life-principles, vast knowledge, deep life long experience and fascinating fun projects and activities, with like-minded students and travelers, while living in a loving and inspiring group environment. We learn, laugh, play, share, cook and so much more.

 The Ashram is a place you always hoped to be true, but never dreamed to be real.

By coming here you will be part of something special.

Our Promise

You don’t come here to a fancy retreat, but to come and share our ashram life style. Our gardens, our vegan way of thinking, our communal close to nature life style, strictly limited use of electronic devices, and our incredible nature setting, make this a truly unforgettable experience.

By coming here, you make a commitment to awareness, consciousness, change, openness and evolution. For taking responsibility for your actions, relations and communications. You come here to LEARN. Learn why Yoga is more than you ever imagined, why it is exciting and profound and beautiful and of course to apply yogic philosophy and teachings into your every day life. Here at the Ahimsa Ashram you will experience this life every day. We cannot to this work for you, you have to be open and prepared to throw yourself into this all by yourself. We will be here to guide, assist and hold you every step of the way.


I am a Nomadic Yogini, who traveled and taught internationally for many years and has now settled in Nicaragua for a little while, after the birth of my baby twin boys in march 2015. At the Ashram I crated my ideal world. A world of beautiful conscious people who want to learn and who are open and excited to submerge themselves into the vast unknown world of Yoga; a yoga behind the scenes, a Yoga that is never taught in the studio. A yoga that will change your way of looking at the world, yourself, your relations, your very existence. A yoga that will OPEN your body, put a little bit of MAGIC into your life and a SMILE onto your face.

Every second of my life, I live and breathe what I teach, and by coming here and sharing our space, I invite you to do the same. I designed our Educational program to reflect this. I created a wonderful mixture of deeply profound, life changing teachings, rooted in Yogic and other ancient traditions, balanced with a variety of many fun and enjoyable workshops and activities.


I don’t just teach you a yoga class, I teach YOGA. I teach what you always wanted to learn in a Yoga class and never did! I teach how to feel FABULOUS AND OPEN in every single posture, no crunching, no pain (even in backbends) and how to feel your energetic body fantastically open and energized, and much much more. We have lectures, demonstrations, detailed explanations and posture corrections for each student individually as well as Question and Answer opportunities. I have helped complete beginners, stiff people, old and young, people with injuries and scoliosis, as well as established Yoga teachers; each leaves the Ashram astonished and surprised that this information is not more widely available. It’s so simple, yet life and yoga practice changing for everyone. It’s like a wonderful magic tool that has just been rediscovered!

Come and join us as a student, intern or budding yoga teacher! We also have volunteer opportunities.

Come and discover the REAL Magic of Yoga!

We invite you to dance with us through this website and find out more about the Ahimsa Yoga Ashram.

We are not an ordinary Yoga school. We are much more than that.

Key Stats.

Year founded


Size of project site

5 hectares

Languages spoken

  • english
  • spanish

People on site

10 - 15

Dry season

November to May

Wet season

June to October

Living Conditions.


  • private room
  • shared rooms

Vegan Food

  • communally cooked meals
  • over 80% locally sourced


  • fast: streaming video

Ongoing classes

  • yoga
  • meditation
  • breathwork
  • nutrition/cooking
    1-2 times per week
  • dance
    1-2 times per week


Ahimsa Yoga Ashram, Nicaragua is currently offering the following opportunities:

  • Co-manager
  • gardener, permaculture
  • natural builder

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