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We know what it’s like to start exploring new territory and stepping out of your comfort zone and want to help make that process easier for you. Rather than swimming through our database of experiences, we can help match you to a workshop, course or volunteer opportunity that fit your needs.

Our team of pathfinders have years of experience living in community, volunteering on farms and participating in and guiding transformational experiences. We are excited to match you with experiences and even help you understand what they’re like.

We offer our pathfinding sessions in English, Spanish, French and Russian.

Your consultation session includes:

  • Recommendations for upcoming programs and opportunities at hand-picked Impact Centers.
  • Advice for participating in immersive transformational experiences abroad.
  • Depending on where your journey takes you we may have tips to travel like a local and make personal introductions.

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Our pathfinders.

Shayna Gladstone's Team Pic

Shayna Gladstone

Shayna, a Founder of NuMundo has been a digital nomad for the past 4 years. She has lived at many different ecovillages and permaculture farms that have deepened her knowledge of living in community and living with the land. Most of her explorations outside the US have been in Latin America where she picked up Spanish, dove into indigenous culture and studied social and permaculture projects. During her journeys, she ignited some of her own projects such as the Ignite Experience in Chile. Throughout her travels she has found a perfect work/life balance allowing her to run her own consulting business to keep her financially abundant while trading her these skills for accommodations. Shayna is most proud of her resilient relationship with Bryan (another pathfinder) that has blossomed even throughout their time working on projects in other countries together and apart. Shayna is enthusiastic about supporting others in trusting in their own dreams to build a lifestyle that gives back to the earth and ourselves.

David Casey's Team Pic

David Casey

David has lived and worked in seven countries in Latin America, where he has built an extensive network of connections to individuals and organizations. His work has focused on marketing, social networks, experience design, and event production. David has designed and produced festivals, courses, retreats, tours and customized travel experiences in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. He is the co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer of NuMundo. The vision for NuMundo was inspired by countless conversations with travelers, experience managing international volunteer programs and events, and a deep insight into the unmet needs of the modern nomad. Among other things, David is also a founder and co-producer Cosmic Convergence Festival, an annual gathering of art, music, tribal technology, education for conscious living, and Mayan culture on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. David successfully bridges the worlds of technology startups, permaculture, intentional travel, international development, and event production.

Bryan Arturo's Team Pic

Bryan Arturo

Bryan has been a core NuMundo team member since the network was created. He has explored and worked at permaculture centers and ecovillages across the Americas for the past 4 years. Bryan completed a tropical permaculture and appropriate technology apprenticeship in the last remaining Ecuadorian jungle, worked as a sustainability consultant for The Amazon Center in Peru and was an active community organizer in Chile when NuMundo was in the Startup Chile business accelerator program. Bryan is passionate about starting a homestead and growing interlinked regenerative enterprises. He supports his life as a digital nomad by creating work trade agreements with lands projects, expanding their marketing and teaching individuals how to fly for free to pursue their passions. Bryan loves social permaculture, supporting resilient communities and his life partner Shayna Gladstone.

Katia Alferova's Team Pic

Katia Alferova

Katia is a true citizen of the world. Born in Ukraine, she has lived and worked in the US, Argentina, France, Mexico and Brazil. She has a strong understanding of cultural nuances and speaks fluent English, Spanish, Russian, French and Portuguese. Katia is an experienced traveler, whether it be hiking the mountain peaks of the Silk Road, discovering permaculture at Latin American ecovillages, backpacking through Europe or finding the perfect life-changing yoga immersion in the tropics. She never travels without her camera and loves sharing compelling nature and travel photography from her journeys. She has been moving across the Atlantic for the past six years, diving deeper into sacred medicine, healing arts, indigenous cultures, yoga and our connection with nature. Katia is a genuine people-person, passionate about helping others find their path in life and igniting projects favoring positive social and environmental impact. As Cross-Cultural Communications Lead at NuMundo, Katia bridges cultural gaps and effectively shares ideas through photography, writing and speaking.

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