Daily life in Paradise, alongside an International Permaculture Designer


 In our two weeks together, you will gain skills and attitudes that will give you gentle power in your work, collaborations and daily life. You will get clear on how your future as a Permaculture designer will unfold.
With a career spanning decades in Japan and Australia, Cecilia Macaulay is one of the most experianced Permaculture Designers in the world. Her Social Permaculture work is featured in David Holmgren's Retrosuburbia, and when Bill Mollision acknowledged Permacultures great 4 practitioners in a Keynote, Cecilia was included. She has created designs with Mark Garratt for Richard Branson, and worked creating Tarronga Zoo's 10 year plan.
You will have at least hours per week working alongside Cecilia, and working out your best future path togther. Choose your own goals including: * Define your future work * write up your WWOOF host profile * Secrets for managing staff and Volunteers gracefully * Low-tech tricks for drawing like Cecilia * Sewing * Gardening * Online presence * Practice English or Japanese * no-struggle wholefood cooking * Efforltess fridge, pantry and sink design * Making the most of your personality type (Myers Briggs) *How to create beauty * Japanese Ettiqutte, as seen in Tea ceremony, Toyota Production System & good homes *
Life at Gardenfarm is a gourmet's dream. We have restaurant-style meals daily, harvested from an established food forest, all created by poet-farmer Bob Tatnell.
This structured 2 week program is designed for people over 26 years, by applicaiton. Intake is every month, except July and August.
We can create the world we want to live in, and be extraordinary.
The day starts with milking Lakshmi the house jersy cow, and  The first couple of days are orientation, dinners and free time, swimming in the river, bushwalks, and deciding on your goals for the month, and at least one creative project to start and complete, with your name on it.  Harvesting from the Garden, creating value-added food,  path making, garden gate reform and fruit tree grafting are current jobs.
Breakfast is eaten alone, and includes solitary time for our morning pages, meditation or spiritual practice.   Mornings work may include helping Bob create his value-added produce: apple pies, dried fruit, meat pies, flourless orange cake, and much more. 
Lunch is prepared together and eaten on the verandah, we attend to our afternoon work. Before dinner we have yoga on the verandah, hatha style, and a solitary bushwalk to give thanks for the day.   Dinner is candlelit, a party every night. Wine, song and maybe a session on the piano are all possible.   
We have a reflection on yesterdays learnings each new day, and time to edit photos, update social media and share what you are learning. 
Cecilia may spend a few days away consulting each month. There may be an option to join her. 

Living Conditions.


  • private room

Omnivore Food

  • over 80% locally sourced
  • communally cooked meals


  • medium: voice calls (no video)

Getting here.

Take the train or bus from Southern Cross station to Yarram. We will pick you up, and drive the 15 minutes to the farm.


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