Musafir means traveller. It is a word that can be found in many languages, like Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, Kiswahili and Urdu. In Romanian and Turkish it translates into ´guest´.

The Musafir dhow aims to create a platform for the message of peace, freedom and unity. It's a project where people who connect with this message can come together and share an experience. Setting sail with the Musafir and being part of its journey symbolizes absolute freedom of movement, freedom from limitations and freedom of thought. It serves as a creative space that allows all those aboard to explore, to embrace random encounters and test personal limits, to mature, to inspire and feel inspired, to share, to create and ultimately to learn about the world.

Musafir is more than just a boat, it’s a way of life. All Musafiri, the members of the crew, share the vision of the journey as a life path. Our journey is not simply a movement in space, but also an adventure of the spirit.

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Join the Musafir adventure in Kilifi, Kenya!

Minimum stay: 7 nightsMaximum capacity: 8 people
Food Not Included
We are currently moored in Kilifi Creek, Kenya, looking for crew to help out with maintenance, cleaning, social media management, community engagement projects such as reforestation of mangroves, sustainable lifestyles, and coastal waste collection initiatives. Musafir being a platform for different projects, we encourage volunteers to come on board with their own ideas and dreams according to their interests and skills.

This is a great opportunity to experience community lifestyle, woodworking and traditional boatbuilding craftsmanship, and to explore the customs and cultures of the East African coastline and the unspoilt area around Kilifi. We have kayaks, bicycles and fishing gear for your use. We speak English, Italian, Spanish, French and Swahili.

We live as a community on board, sharing the duties of cooking, cleaning, shopping and upkeep. We have sleeping compartments below deck, but weather permitting, we enjoy sleeping on deck with the cool sea breeze and the beautiful night sky. Diet on board is predominantly vegetarian but we occasionally enjoy locally caught seafood.

Sailing on the Indian Ocean

jan 20 - fev 20, 2021
Food included
Five Odyssey across the Indian Ocean, on board the Musafir, the biggest engine less Dhow. Learning how to sail surrounded by a multicultural crew, producing and co-creating documentary in each community that we reach, manifesting pop up film and cultural festival. A human exchange of consciousness ,respect and wisdom promoting unity and care for our planet.

The schedule is subject to change, depending on weather forecast.

Pamoja Odyssey 3
Starting in Kilifi, Kenya the 20th of January, ending in Seychelles Victoria the 20th of February.
An average of 2 weeks at sea and 2 weeks on land between Kenya and Seychelles.

Pamoja Odyssey 4
Starting in Seychelles the 1st of April, ending in Maldives atoll Addu 1st of May.
An average of 2 weeks at sea and 2 weeks on land between both country.

Pamoja Odyssey 5
Starting in Maldives in Atoll Addu the 2nd of May, ending in Sri Lanka the 2nd of June in Panama(Sri Lanka) , Galle to be use as port of entry.
Average of 10 days at sea and 20 on land.

Pamoja Odyssey 6
Starting in Sri Lanka in Trincomalee the 3rd of September, ending in Indonesia, Pula We the 2nd October.
Average of 10 days at sea and 20 on land.

Pamoja Odyssey 7
Starting in Indonesia, Pulau We the 1 Dec, ending in Padang, Indonesia the 4th of January.
Average of 10 days at sea and 20 on land.

Price is specified for each Odyssey, each of them last for a month.
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The real Journey began only once you reach the point of not return

Key Stats.

Year founded


Size of project site

0.1 hectares

Languages spoken

  • english
  • spanish
  • italian
  • swahili
  • French

People on site

3 - 10

Dry season

December to April

Wet season

May to June

Living Conditions.


  • shared rooms
  • hammocks

Omnivore Food

  • communal kitchen access
  • communally cooked meals
  • over 80% locally sourced


  • fast: streaming video


Musafir is currently offering the following opportunities:

  • carpenter
  • web designer
  • social media management
  • Sustainability expert
  • Chef

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