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We're leading the way in the transformational travel movement, and we're excited to share our vision with the world. Interested in collaborating? Contact us through the form below and let us know how we can support you.

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Company Overview

We're not just talking about growing a global regenerative culture of hundreds of sustainable projects and thousands of passion seekers... we're doing it.

Our Vision

NuMundo is a global network of locations​​ for co-living, co-working, personal transformation, and reconnection with nature. Our online platform...

NuMundo Team Biographies

Our team of incredibly talented nomadic developers, designers, project managers and marketers serve our vision with passion. We have lived and worked at impact centers across the globe. We also share a love of permaculture, micro festivals, and cacao-fueled dance parties.

NuMundo Team Quotes

David Casey (Co-Founder & CEO) – “For me, NuMundo represents the seed of the new world, the beginning of a new culture that is being born all around the world right now...”

NuMundo 2019 Experiences (preview/selection)

  • Metamorphosis Gathering, February 08 - 15 @ Finca Morpho, Costa Rica
  • Ecological Building Course, January 20 - February 02 @ Atitlan Organics, Guatemala
  • Wild Feminine Retreat: Rhythms of the Jungle, January 19 - 25 @ Sattva Land, Belize
  • Permaculture Design Certification Course, April 14 - 28 @ Rancho Mastatal, Costa Rica
  • ....

NuMundo Articles/Content

  • “Why NuMundo Believes in Cryptocurrency,” by NuMundo Co-Founder David Casey
  • “How Ayahuasca Made this CEO Unplug from the Matrix,” by David Casey on High Existence
  • “What is Transformational Travel—& How Can We Do It?” by NuMundo Storyteller Toby Israel
  • “The Key to Building a Truly Free Society” by David Casey
  • “It’s Time for the Consciousness Revolution” by NuMundo Contributing Writer Matthew Mason
  • “A trip to NuMundo’s impact centers: regenerative living within everybody's reach” on WebTranslateIt
  • “NuMundo & the Alternative Path to Peace” by Toby Israel
  • “We Are the Engineers of our Future: How NuMundo is Shaping a World We Want to Live In”

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