A unique journey into the essence and secrets of the Amorgos Island, through unknown trails and stunning underwater stages.

This is the perfect trip for adventurous people who want to explore the water in different ways, as well as for those who want to embark on a journey of self-knowledge and connection with themselves and with nature.


Contact Dance Improvisation in land and water | Snorkeling & Freediving | Yoga | AquaArt | Boat trips & Hiking | Floating Body

Discover a little-known island surrounded by
the picturesque charm of the Aegean Sea.

A small island in the Aegean Sea with 1800 inhabitants, which, according to Greek mythology, Ulysses was attracted like a magnet by Goddess Kirki. It is known to be the place with the 2nd highest terrestrial magnetism in the world. Every year it attracts yoga, health, wellness and diving enthusiasts, which are drawn by the island’s strong revitalizing energy, the abundance of therapeutic herbs and the breathtaking views, which make the Amorgos Island a perfect place for physical and spiritual rejuvenation.

Give yourself very special moments
>> Magical atmospheres: Places which were specially chosen for enjoying aquatic activities and contemplating nature. A combination of wonderful bioluminescent beaches and unforgettable sunsets.

>> 5 Star Hotel: Family-run hotel with a stunning panoramic view, located within a 5-minute walk from the beach. With SPA, Thalassotherapy, sauna, Turkish bath, jacuzzi, indoor pool and gym.

>> Heated saltwater pool: With massage jets and a cascade, the hotel’s spa pool is the only spot on the island that has warm water. This pool offers the best conditions for practicing aquatic dance.

>> Organic meals from the vegetable garden: Delicious organic, fresh and vegetarian meals, prepared with traditional flavors and local ingredients grown in the hotel’s garden, and vegetarian meals in typical restaurants on the island.

>> The comfort of home: The comfort of the rooms, the hotel, the hospitality of the people and the island that surrounds us and serves as the main stage for this whole experience is actually the comfort of coming home.

>> Moments with new people: A genuine bonding with inspiring people that share the same passion for water. Sharing the warmth of the local community, the talents and new ideas, as well as the island’s traditions.

Dive into the crystal clear waters of Amorgos

with a visibility of more than 30 meters deep.

Amorgos offers iconic diving spots, many of which will be the basis for our creative adventure. Our research for the best water playground brought us to the island where the movie “The Big Blue” was filmed. This trip is an invitation to an aquatic and self-discovery adventure, through a unique combination of nature, diving and aquatic dancing experiences that will make it the trip of a lifetime.

Live an authentic experience in the water with practices of deep ecology.

Oceans and Flow is a journey of transformation for those who seek better self-knowledge through the water and its creative and healing power, developing body awareness and sensitive listening. A fun way to embrace the world and to experience a healthy and happy lifestyle while in touch with your deepest dreams.

About Aegialis Hotel & Spa
Defined “the jewel of Amorgos” by its guests, Aegialis Hotel and Spa has well deserved the title thanks to its breathtaking views over the crystal clear bay and the amenity of its location. Standing proudly on the top of a rocky hill, immersed in a green oasis of unspoiled nature, it responds to the guests’ need for rest, peace and tranquility. The warm welcome from the owners and personnel, the high standard of service and the comfort of the facilities all contribute to offering a unique experience of the local authentic life on a Greek island.

Perched above the stunning Mediterranean bay of Aegiali on the island of Amorgos, this luxurious hotel run by a devoted local family offers tasteful decor, quality accommodation, truly friendly service, excellent organic food and a well equipped spa and workshop space. The Hotel has a SPA with sauna, Thalassotherapy, Turkish bath, jacuzzi, indoor saltwater pool and a gym.

Aegialis hotel & spa is the only 5 star hotel in Amorgos Island as a cozy retreat built in the traditional Cycladic architectural style and encircled by two of the most beautiful sandy beaches of the island. The Hotel houses a small world of blue and white buildings set into the hillside, so that all the traditionally-furnished and fully-equipped rooms and suites benefit from the stunning views over the bay and the surrounding islands. All rooms offer amazing views of the Aegean sea and the Aegiali beach. The unique Amorgian hospitality in combination with the Cycladic beauty promises you memories you will always treasure.

The Team

We will develop different sessions to dance, move and activate our bodies, relax and have fun. Together we will transcend fears and some discomfort with the water. Enjoying the wonderful aquatic world. Sharing dreams and talents.

Founder & Organizer | Communication | AquaArt
I love people, dreams and trips. I love to dance and to breathe through the body in motion. And I love water. Living my dreams is my daily practice. I believe in Art as a way for developing our gifts and talents, as a bridge for our heart and to connect us with our true nature.
Through the Arts and Dragon Dreaming, I use several tools to create events, experiences and trips, with inspiration, joy and magic. For me life is a big Celebration!

International Choreographer | Earth, Water & Underwater Dance | Yoga
I am a lover of movement, arts, nature and spirituality. My fields of knowledge include Contemporary Dance, Contact Improvisation, Hatha Yoga, Alexander Technique and also Scuba Diving, Shamanic practices, Music, Voice and Reiki.
I am the founder of Biomatic Anatomy, a holistic method of embodied anatomy & mindful breath that enriches my earth & water movement practices and retreats.
ancestral connection with nature & water led me to create Drops of Breath Underwater Dance Performance and Floating Body practice. We all come from the liquid womb of our mother and we are composed of mostly water. Re-connecting with water reflects the beauty of our soul, enhances the feeling of true belonging and brings forth our creativity.

Filmmaker | Photographer
I’m an editor, cinematographer and director based in Portugal working on the production of travel and adventure cinema.
work is focused on ocean, personal development and adventure stories that inspire a balanced relationship with Nature. Recent films and images have helped empower art groups, musicians, wellbeing retreats, sport academies and ocean exploration projects.


Be part of a Journey with social impact.
We will be supporting the local community and the Greek environmental organization ARCHELON, and the work they develop protecting sea turtles and their underwater eco-system.



Day 1 | Monday October 8. 2018

(Click here to know how to get to Amorgos)
2h00 | Arrival to Amorgos by boat, around 2h00 in the morning.

Reception at the port by Violeta and Gustavo and transfer to the Hotel.
2h20 | Arrival at Aegialis Hotel & SPA to get settled and rest.
Wake up serenely with the sound of the ocean, breathing the Aegean Sea breeze.
Registrations after lunch
16h00 | Rest. Enjoy the authenticity of the island.
18h30 | Opening circle with our facilitator Violeta Lapa and our teacher Apostolia Papadamaki.
Movement practice with Apostolia Papadamaki.
Contemplate the sunset and the magnificent starry sky.
20h30 | Dinner

Day 2 |Tuesday October 9. 2018
08h00 | Herbal tea & coffee
09h00 | Floating Body session in the saltwater pool, specially heated for our group.
10h30 | Breakfast
11h30 | AquaArt session
13h30 | Lunch
15h30 | Rest
18h30 | Creation session at the sunset
20h30 | Dinner

Day 3 |Wednesday October 10. 2018

08h00 | Herbal tea & coffee
08h30 | Silent walk through a little-known trail. Meditation at dawn, near breathtaking rock formations.
10h30 | Breakfast
11h30 | Visit to Aglios Pavlos beach. Snorkeling session in turquoise waters and visit to an aquatic cave.
Freediving introductory session with Dimitris. Boat trip to Nikouria Island.
Pick-nick (we take lunch with us)
16h30 | Herbal Plants workshop with Vangelis Vassalos, the herbalist who will show us wild medicinal herbs, as well as some rare species among the 600 different plants of the island. We will get to know his art, natural cosmetics and essential oils.
18h30 | Rest
20h30 | Dinner. Celebrate life. A lovely dinner with dance and Greek music.

Day 4 |Thursday October 11. 2018
Free Day. Suggestions:
. Swim in the bay of the beach.
· Be a part of our film about water and deep ecology.
· Visit a fabulous wrecked ship (Manina 3).
· Film session: Watch the underwater dance performance “Drops of Breath”, in the movie theater of our Hotel, in a private screening especially for you! Discussion with Apostolia, Violeta and Gustavo about the values of being one with the Water.

Day 5 |Friday October 12. 2018
08h00 | Herbal tea & coffee
08h30 | Yoga outdoors
10h30 | Breakfast
11h30 | Today we will visit the most beautiful landscape used as a background for the film “The big blue”, by Luc Besson.
Visit Agia Anna beach, the best aquatic stage and contemplate the impressive Panagia Hozoviotissana Monastery – one of the oldest buildings in the Cyclades.
Diving session.
13h30 | Lunch in a tavern on the island, where we will meet Theodore and his family.
15h30 | Return to the hotel. Rest.
18h30 | Relaxation session and moment of creation at sunset.
20h30 | Dinner

Day 6 |Saturday October 13. 2018
08h00 | Herbal tea & coffee
08h30 | Yoga
10h30 | Breakfast
11h30 | Access by sea to the shipwreck beach, from the movie “The Big Blue”. Participate in an inspiring eco-action.
Get to know the ARCHELON environmental association, the work they develop in Greece for the protection of sea turtles and their underwater eco-system.
13h00 | Return by boat and access to parts of the island that most people cannot access.
13h30 | Pick-nick on a beach just for us
15h30 | Return to the hotel. Rest.
18h30 | Relaxation session and moment of creation at sunset.
20h30 | Dinner
At night, we invite you to take a glowing nocturnal dance in the bioluminescent sea.

Day 7 |Sunday October 14. 2018
08h00 | Herbal tea & coffee
08h30 | Yoga. Dance with your dreams. Expand your breath.
10h30 | Breakfast
11h30 | Water session.
13h30 | Lunch
15h00 | Rest
17h00 | Closing Circle & Celebration at the beach. Here will be the ideal place to finish our work and think about our experiences. Feel in Flow and in Harmony. Feel at Home.
20h30 | Dinner
22h00 | Last dance on the island and opportunity to spend some time together. At night, Gustavo will have a surprise for us at the Hotel.

Day 8 |Monday October 15. 2018
It’s time to wake up early, to return to Athens.
Say goodbye to the group with a heart full of happiness, unforgettable moments and new friends.
Admire the stunning view. You will most certainly want to come back.

Note: Ferry to Athens at 6am or 15h00, 2 schedules available.


  • Live an authentic experience in the water with practices of deep ecology.
  • Oceans and Flow is a journey of transformation for those who seek better self-knowledge through the water and its creative and healing power, developing body awareness and sensitive listening. A fun way to embrace the world and to experience a healthy and happy lifestyle while in touch with your deepest dreams.
  • You will wake up every morning to the sound of the sea, the healing softness of the sun, breathing the Aegean air, grounding your self on an island where time stands still.
  • Sunrise Meditations in breathtaking rock formations
  • Hiking and experiences in nature
  • Our Hatha Vinyasa Yoga practice, in conjunction with the principles of Biomatic Anatomy will bring harmony to your body, mind and emotional state.
  • The Floating Body practice will enable you to embody the art of true belonging and trust oneness in the fluidity of the sea
  • Water dance experience: discover Amorgos in a unique way, dancing from land to water, in the most beautiful landscapes of the island.
  • Snorkeling and Freediving sessions.
  • Connected group experience.

Living Conditions.


  • shared rooms

Vegetarian Food

  • over 80% locally sourced
  • restaurant on site


  • fast: streaming video

Ongoing classes

  • dance
  • yoga
  • surfing
  • breathwork
    3-5 times per week

Getting here.

From Athens International Airport Eleftherio Venizelos to Piraeus port:

: by Bus: Between the exits 4 and 5 of Karaiskaki square in the airport, take bus X96, which departs every 20 minutes during the day, or every 40 minutes at night.
The ticket costs 5 € and the trip lasts from 1h15 to 1h30 to the port.

: by Táxi: this is the most easy way to get there. The journey from the Airport to the port will be 45 to 60 minutes.

Travel from Athens / Piraeus port to Amorgos:

We suggest arriving in Athens on October 7th, booking the flight with arrival before 14:00, to be in the port Piraeus in time.
The ferry to Amorgos leaves at 17:30 and the journey lasts 9 hours. Arrival at Amorgos at 02h30.
In Amorgos there are two ports: Katapola and Aegiali.
On October 8th, arrival will be at the port Katapola at 02:00.
Upon arrival a shuttle will take you from the port to the Hotel.
Tickets for the BLUE STAR 2 Ferry from Athens / Piraeus port to Amorgos, on October 7th at 17:30, can be purchase here: www.bluestarferries.com

About the Ferry schedule to Amorgos:

See here: Blue Ferries


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