Metamorphosis Gathering is a reset button for the soul, sweeping us away from the consumptive habits and demands of the world we inherited and ushering us into the generative world we imagine inhabiting.   

A more restorative way of living already exists in many places on earth, integrated with nature and open to be experienced, embodied, and elaborated upon by each who encounter it.  Are you ready to take the next step?

Discover and activate the new life within you when you enter the gate of Metamorphosis. 

Finca Morpho is honored to co-create this next experience with you all. Fina Morpho core members will be facilitating and hosting the majority of the event and always willing to share space and time.  With compassionate understanding, we guide our individual processes as we playfully perform our roles in a collective transformation of the space we inhabit together.

Our host farm is located in the second most biodiverse place on the planet. On the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica we find ourselves immersed in the primal energies of the jungle, moved by the tidal rhythms of the ocean, and awed by the simple yet majestic life lived in harmony with nature.

​Metamorphosis Gathering is a substance free event, this is important for maintaining a coherent field within which to connect and relate to each other deeply and authentically.


Activate the Imaginal World
​Awaiting Within You

Context for Metamorphosis Gathering:    

Throughout this retreat we reference the life cycle of a butterfly as our blueprint and road map for design and navigation of our transformation.  

Nature provides the pattern, we observe and learn, then scale our growth in harmony with the existing flow. By applying this framework to our life we align and integrate with the cycles of earth, the universe, and ALL life.

Days 1-4: On The Ground

Our journey begins before you arrive so the first day onsite we simply land, acculturating to this new environment and energies by creating our space then connecting at opening ceremony. The second day is egg stage with workshops and activities that set conditions to hatch and summon the strength to break out. Day three crawls us through the caterpillar stage; the period where we consume information, practice skills, and develop habits to overcome environmental challenges. 

 We go inward on the fourth day for better understanding and patience by working through the chrysalis/pupa stage.

Days 5 and 6: Spread Your Wings and Fly

​​Upon emergence as a butterfly on day five, we take time for adjusting to our new form and comforting the transition of creating. Day six we are ready to fly! It's time to take wing, show the world what we have become and find our 'flutter' by connecting to collaborative networks that correspond to our uniqueness. 

We conclude by collecting ourselves, exchanging with others, and giving gratitude for all we have both received and released.

Art and Music Throughout

Gather in The Living Library for creative expression activities, or at The Resource Center to repurpose and upcycle the materials awaiting new life.  

Every night has space for you at The Sacred Fire Circle or The Beach Platform with authentic relating and acoustic music jams, then we amp it up after closing ceremony in celebration with a Variety Show.


Estimated Time for Each Learning Track 

10 hours:   Personal Flow Design

10 hours:   Embodied Movement Practices

10 hours:  Authentic Relating Games

5 hours:   FeedForward sessions

4 hours:  Ceremonial Council

4 hours:   Live Music

1 hour each:   1-1 mentoring sessions

This provides 40 Hours of Facilitated / Guided Programming over the course of 6 Days, leaving another 72 hours of daylight spaciousness for private journaling, storytelling with new friends.  The sun rises and sets between 5 and 6 every morning and night, all year long in Costa Rica.   And the jungle rises and rests early too, as do we, so quiet hours and dreamtimes are asked to be respected.


  • Finca Morpho Crew
  • Participant Produced Variety Show & Closing Celebration


  • Authentic Relating
  • Permaculture
  • Breathwork
  • Community
  • Communication
  • Yoga
  • Mentorship
  • Council
  • Synchronicity
  • Plant Alchemy
  • Sacred Silliness
  • Herbal Wisdom

Living Conditions.


  • tent camping
  • shared rooms

Vegetarian Food

  • over 80% locally sourced


  • slow: emails only

Ongoing classes

  • yoga
  • breathwork
  • meditation
  • permaculture

Getting here.

Directions from San Jose International Airport -

  1. As you exit the airport there are buses that are the main street that go by. If you take the bus number 23 and get off next to the children's hospital you can then walk to the Blanco Lobo Station. but if you don't feel comfortable it is a 20$ taxi ride to the Blanco Lobo Station There are 2 buses that leave from the Blanco Lobo Station at the intersection of Calle 12 and Avenidas 7/9 in the Coca Cola District of San Jose. The first one leaves at 8am and the second leaves at 12pm and are around $15 dollars to Puerto Jimenez. We highly recommend using the bus system, which is a 8 hour trip that allows you to see a lot of the country. The bus will bring you to Puerto Jimenez and from here you can catch a taxi to the farm. Our address is 14km Sur de Bomba de Osa en la calla de Matapalo con puerton murado.
  2. There are 2 small engine airlines that also take daily trips to Puerto Jimenez. Sansa and Nature Air are at the airport and from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez it is an hour long flight.
  3. Driving Directions - When you are in Puerto Jimenez you follow the only paved road till it ends and turn right at an intersection that has the Gas Station(Bomba de Osa) and a BM grocery store. From here we are 14km south on this road with a purple gate on your left and a sign that says Finca Morpho. Make sure to check your Odometer.
  1. If you arrive and are unable to catch one of the two buses or a airplane, then there is a cheap hostel called Hotel Cala ( 506-2441-3219) very close to airport, where you can stay for the night and arrange for a taxi early in the morning before traffic hits.


Metamorphosis Gathering is currently offering the following opportunities:

  • Chef
  • Event Coordinator


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