Welcome Family!

Bienvenid@s to the Intentional Community Yax Wit'z K'u (Blue hill of God) centered in sustainable good living from based principles learned in permaculture at the Natural Reserve La Sepultura, Chiapas

In October 2021 between 70 families, we bought land inside a natural reserve with the dimensions of 550 ha. We live with a spiritual river of 3km and we have counted yet 9 springs trough the mountains and valley, but everytime we go, we find new. We are pleased for the marginal area we have acquired, the altitude resides between 800 meters and 1400. This means that in the bottom where the 3km current of the river resides through the valley, we have the climate and abundance of flora from the jungle. from the middle to the top of the mountain, we find pines, and mist forests vibes. Let the fireflies and orchids astonish you with their magical colors and lights, though the morning fog.

Welcome Home Sisters and Brothers

 Live intentionally for being channels of harmony :) 

Each family that invested obtaining the permission to be part of the project being a guardian of the reserve has the right to 8 ha in total. conserve 5 ha as protection. 1 for food, 1, for eco living infrastructure, 1 for communal spaces.

Our big family has plenty of space for living good :) 

We are starting to scout the terrain, observing the natural world, camping with humility and learning from the elements of the Earth in this sacred protected space. Our walk between this mystical jungle with forest, we'll discern which landscape is the best for our mutual growth as humans with nature. 🌱

When we find the best place to settle down we will start the Tierra Quetzalli (Beautiful Earth) Proyect.

Starting with service to mother earth, we are her children, we are born to coexist and serve her.

Welcoming our arrival with a Regeneration Project, we will use the plain space of the past corn fields to bring agroforestry and agroecological permaculture design to become sustainable in our necessity for food. Though, already in the terrain there are mangos, nopaleras, momo, local zetas mushrooms, and much more. We want to have more biodiversity so we can live abundantly with many colors and sabours which will never get us bored.

But patience is required to fully live this journey from the transition of living in a codependency of a not sustainable economics based in capitalism to live off grid from the abundance of PACHAMAMA, Tonantzin, Mother Earth.

First we need to put attention to begin with establishing an economical retribution offering PDC's (Permaculture Design Courses). With this income we can use it to acquire seeds, trees, and materials, so our sustainable design can flourish for generations.

Feel free to join and continue the beautiful pilgrimage of bringing our home where we go, sharing with joy the new horizons. 🐆🦅

My name is Pepe Luz, I have been traveling in different communities, learning permaculture at university, courses and volunteering, had a career in filmmaking, opening my heart to music and listening to people. I come from Rainbow and beyond the stars, living our truth. I received the call from the mexican indian grandfather (Abuelo Marzo) to be part of this epic project, to protect while living in peace with the natural garden of life. Now it’s time for me to open the channel for inviting the precise family to accomplish the not utopian dream of community, our ancestors have done it, let's find our ground to put our roots and grow healthy in glossom as CEIBA trees. Ahao

Welcome to the Odyssey. 

To set up our long term Campment we need facilitators with experience in eco construction (we love the simplicity of Yurts). (long term vision: The plantations of bamboo will help us for the material of future housing.

First year living in the land, from the perspective of the Seed Camp: Observe the axis of the sun, direction of wind, different influences from elements and anomalies of terrain.

After settling grounded, the comunal vision for economic retribution is by offering permaculture courses and workshops. So we need to first emphasize in creating a basic infrastructure to welcome the family which will have the next course of PDC (Permaculture Design Course).

Welcome to the seedcamp of Tierra Quetzalli

Collaborating together to manifest:

1. Raised dry toilets

2. Communal kitchen

3. Communal space for gathering. (in this case, for learning the philosophy of living with permaculture)

4. Showers that connect its grey waters to a bananos system

Feel free to join the beginning of this beautiful journey of living in a community at this magical, beautiful and safe land which is our mothers earth heart 🌻.

May all beings be happy 🎉💙🎊

Much love familia 🌈

Love, sacred fires, True natural pace of time, Organic and local food, yoga (Hatha and Kundalini), Qi Gong, horses care and riding, Janzu "water massage", Dreams facilitation for own interpretation, Dances, photography, filming, and sweet Musical harmonies using voice and many instruments (Harmonium, Guitar, Ukulele, flutes) with natural vibes included 😉)

Enjoy exploring the 550 ha of the natural reserve (waterfalls and springs await), always respecting the communitie's 70 families boundaries and projects. (If someone is constructing or having its own trip with private egoland, well just Ask if you can passbye and you will recieve :) If its not possible to walk through, well there are many other wild ways to follow in your path.

In the land inside the reserve la sepultura. is difficult to find signal for phones and internet. Trees are protecting us from the microwaves of the satelites contamination. We are 1 hour by walking from the land to the nearest town, 1 hour by car from the sea (We have to find and make a trail by the reserve to go by the valley and mountains in horses and get out to the sea.) 3 hours from the Magical Town San Cristobal de las Casas "Most important cultural interchange site for Latin America" (We have a Home Base where we can find the time to work online and express with retribution our talents and abilities such as giving concerts or selling chukrut to society)

The land is 2 hours from Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas Capital city where there is the airport.

From the nearest town of the land we can arrange our meeting and look for u there with a pick up truck, or if we allready built our caravan wagon, our horses will help with your transport. Theres also some kids that earn their living with tuc tuc transport (moto taxi 70 pesos the journey)

See you in home. 

Key Stats.

Year founded


Size of project site

8 hectares

Languages spoken

  • Español

People on site

20 - 110

Dry season

June to August

Wet season

October to January

Living Conditions.


  • tent camping

Vegetarian Food

  • communally cooked meals
  • over 80% locally sourced
  • communal kitchen access


  • None: Off the grid


Tierra Quetzalli (Reserve) - Intentional Sustainable Permaculture Off Grid Community is currently offering the following opportunities:

  • Voluntariado
  • Eco construccion
  • Permacultura

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