Besed on natural farming and eco-lifestyle, stay in a traditional Japanese tea house, eat fresh, pesticide-free natural farming vegetable dishes, learn natural farming, play in the river, or vegitarian cooking.

There are also handicraft experience such as plant dyeing and making tea using seasonal harvests.

If you wish, you will also have healing programs such as yoga, meditation, and Thermic treatment.

A private farm homestay where you can refresh your mind and body with healthy food and experience. Food is basically vegitarian, but vegan also welcome.

(We sometime go fishing and eat, or have some meat from nature if neighbor gave us)

Key Stats.

Year founded


Size of project site

0.11 hectares

Languages spoken

  • 日本語
  • 英語

People on site

1 - 5

Dry season

May to October

Wet season

December to March

Living Conditions.


  • private room

Vegetarian Food

  • communal kitchen access
  • communally cooked meals
  • over 80% locally sourced


  • fast: streaming video


シャンティファーム リトリートハウス Shanti Farm Retreat House is currently offering the following opportunities:

  • 自然農法、日本の家、茶室、菜食
  • naturalfarming
  • Japanese traditional House
  • 川遊び
  • Swim in the river
  • 自給自足
  • エコフレンドリー
  • Tea Ceremony room
  • All kind of vegitarian
  • Fishing
  • Eco friendry lifestyle
  • yoga
  • India
  • Wodorf Education
  • Homeschooling
  • Meditation
  • Healing

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