Inti Kamari is an holistic retreat center

We offer courses in self-development, yoga, meditation, arts and organic farming

Inti Kamari is an holistic retreat center for self-development in the south of Ecuador. Born with a purpose to soothe and heal, our space fosters a harmonious way of living outside the demanding vortex of city life and in unity with nature. Since transpersonal growth, gardening, education and art have been such indispensable parts of our own journeys, we’ve worked to co-create a space in which a deep attuning to our inner callings is possible. Our ideals found a fertile breeding ground of 30,000 square meters in the ancient valley of Yunguilla, one hour from Cuenca. As a self-sustained ecological farm, Inti Kamari (meaning gift of the sun in Kichwa) unfolds around three complementary projects:

  • A holistic retreat center for personal growth
  • The center is open to local and foreign organizers of any forms of self-development retreats that aim to promote creativity, reconnection, and the human potential. We are more than eager to fulfill your vision of transformation by helping to facilitate workshops. We are acquainted with leaders in areas such as:
    • Yoga / Meditation
    • Emotional / Cognitive intelligence
    • Neurosciences / Corpo-sensorial discovery
    • Temazcal / Sweat Lodge
    • Ecstatic Dance / Movement
    • Ancestral medicine
    • Permaculture / Bio-Construction
    • Interpersonal / Community skills
    2. An international community of volunteersThe center is equally welcoming to volunteers that want to participate in the sustainability of this dream. We invite artists, gardeners, musicians, builders, educators, digital strategists and beyond to contribute their skills to our daily tasks, community outreach programs, and retreat coordination. We host up to 20 volunteers at a time, and require a minimum of two-weeks commitment. 3. A foundation of education and integral healing for the children and families of our valleyResources generated by our retreats in collaboration with the efforts of our volunteer group give life to a weekly community outreach program. Our foundation invites children from the Quillosisa and Santa Isabel regions to participate in activities which fuse creativity, teamwork, self-expression, and environmental consciousness. Our support extends to ingenious Kichwa communities such as “Sacha Wasi” (located one hour from Puyo) who’s handicrafts we sell in our gift corner. Inti Kamari offers:
    • Two yoga shalas / gathering halls with impressive Andean views
    • A main lounge with a small library and musical instrument collection
    • An open commodore with a tea and coffee bar
    • Two swimming pools
    • Four houses with 20 rooms that can host up to 45 guests
    • Spacious communal rooms and independent kitchens
    • Vegetarian / Vegan in-house chef
    • Natural sweat lodge within the embrace of a bamboo forest
    • Natural mineral lake
    • Permaculture farm with flowers, crops, medicinal plants, and various fruit trees.
    • Cultural and interpretive wall art
    As promoters of experiential teaching, ecological awareness, transcendental exploration, and simplicity, our hope is to provide a space in which connection is inevitable. We believe in the transformative power of igniting curiosity, finding peace, sharing encounters, and letting love grow. We welcome you with our whole heart!Our home is sincerely yours,Inti Kamari Dream Team

    Key Stats.

    Year founded


    Size of project site

    3 hectares

    Languages spoken

    • Español
    • English

    People on site

    15 - 60

    Dry season

    Wet season

    Living Conditions.


    • hammocks
    • private room
    • shared rooms
    • entire house

    Vegetarian Food

    • communally cooked meals
    • restaurant on site


    • fast: streaming video

    Ongoing classes

    • yoga
    • meditation
    • nutrition/cooking
    • breathwork

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