The Grundstein Neukirchen project is a non-profit association which has been in existence since March 2001. As an association of artists, educators, therapists and craftsmen, they devote themselves to diverse ways of experiential education. Encounter, stimulation and lively exchange is our concern.

Their existing structures are available as a platform for intercultural work in the areas of education, therapy, art and culture, youth welfare, international understanding and social training. Seminars and groups are just as welcome as individual travelers or families to be able to experience the colorful variety and the inexhaustible abundance of life on site with each other, in harmony with the surrounding nature.

Key Stats.

Year founded


Size of project site

1.5 hectares

Languages spoken

  • German

People on site

2600 - 2700

Dry season

June to August

Wet season

April to May

Living Conditions.


  • private room
  • entire house

Omnivore Food

  • communal kitchen access
  • communally cooked meals
  • over 80% locally sourced


  • fast: streaming video

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