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"Rancho Mastatal is an education center and community rooted in environmental sustainability, meaningful, place-based livelihoods and healthy caring relationships.

We provide powerful educational opportunities through our inspirational, experiential programs and onsite network of integrated, working systems. 


agosto 01 - octubre 31, 2017
  • permacultura
  • construcción natural
This medium-length full-immersion experiential opportunity is for individuals interested in a hands-on introduction to sustainability practices but unable to dedicate an entire year to our apprenticeship. This 3-month informal "permaculture exploration" experience is taught, organized and managed by our year-long apprentices and offers participants the chance to learn, contribute and get their hands dirty on a variety of sustainability-focused...
marzo 25 - 30, 2018
  • construcción natural
An intensive training in traditional and contemporary Japanese plastering including history, plastering procedures, materials and tools with an emphasis on plastering fundamentals.Shikkui lime, and Otsu earth-lime plasters, base, middle and finishing coats, bamboo lattice construction, fermenting and applying earthen plaster, building corners using jigs and guides, Tataki traditional floors, combining Japanese plastering with Western natural building and conventional building, practical...



The Hooch

Capacidad máxima: 4 personas
Comida incluída
This is one of Rancho Mastatal’s most interesting and in demand structures and is built almost entirely out of bamboo. It provides guests with an intimate experience with the nature that abounds around it.  This magnificent private building sits high amongst the trees with dramatic vistas out towards the forest.

The Hooch is outfitted with one double bed and two single beds on two floors and sleeps up to four people. It features a beautiful bamboo floor. Guests staying in the Hooch share two beautiful showers and an awesome composting toilet with with our apprentices in a nearby, separate structure. This option is appropriate for those guests looking for a unique experience and is not appropriate for people uncomfortable going up and down ladders or families with children under 6 years old.  Due to the nature of bamboo's flexibility, the Hooch does move a bit as you do.  The Hooch has perfect access to many of our trails, swimming holes, forests and waterfalls.
Gratis / Voluntariado

Arborist Work-Trade

Disponible: dic. 01 - dic. 31, 2017Estadía mínima: 14 nochesCapacidad máxima: 2 personas
Comida incluída
Are you a professional arborist looking for some winter Costa Rican sunshine? Have you ever dreamed of working up in a jungle canopy? Are you hard working and a self starter with experience of removing tricky trees in and around multiple buildings and orchard spaces?

The Ranch team has many skills unfortunately we are not able to do many of the tree work that is currently needed around the ranch especially near the main house and our front gardens.
We are looking for an experienced person and probably ideally 2 people who can work together taking down trees to join our team for 4 weeks (or more!!!!!) this winter to help us remove some potentially dangerous trees in and around our structures.

Additional tasks may include:

Equipment sourcing and organising prior to arrival.
Training and working with Rancho Mastatal core team members.
Milling and sawing logs with an Alaskan chainsaw mill

Relevant professional arborist experience.
Interest in the culture and mission of Rancho Mastatal.
Ability to abide by all Rancho Mastatal policies.
Ability to commit to agreed upon time frame.
Optional but helpful qualifications:

Spanish language abilities.
In return we can offer:

Three hearty and delicious meals a day sourced locally and cooked lovingly by our team.
Home brewed fruit and herbal beer.
Housing in one of our unique naturally built structures.
Access to all the Ranch’s amenities, including the wildlife reserve, hiking trails, waterfalls and rivers, our extensive library, and working farm.
An opportunity to live and work with our team of sustainability professionals and instructors in the beautiful town of Mastatal.

Personalized Day Workshop

Want to learn more about our sustainability practices? We offer numerous half day workshops for guests and visitors designed to inspired and re-skill you for a more resilient world. Usually running 1.5 to 2 hours, these workshops can often be booked with short notice. We require a two person minimum to run a course. Costs are $25/person and $20/person for five or more participants. When requesting a booking, please specify the type of workshop you'd like. The workshops we currently offer include:

Introduction to Permaculture Principles

Experience the principles of permaculture in action! From starting small to accelerating succession to energy efficient planning we will explore the practical application of these principles around our site.

Plants for the Tropical Homestead

Explore the perennial vegetables, medicinal plants, and trees crops which feed and heal us in the humid tropics.

Plant Propagation

Spend time in our nursery learning the art and science of seed starting and vegetative plant
propagation; including cuttings, layering, and grafting.

Tropical Agroforestry Tour

Walk through the Ranch’s agroforestry systems in order to understand the holistic approach we have taken toward creating a more resilient, place-based, and permanent agriculture.

Soil Fertility Strategies

Learn how we cultivate a healthy soil in our harsh tropical climate. We will focus on biomass species, biochar production, and microoganism cultivation.

Making Your Own Soap

Learn about basic soap chemistry and how to make your own soap using locally sourced oils and fats.

Starting Your Own Permaculture Project

Learn how the Ranch got started, how it has structured its projects and people, and how it has taken on the many challenges of managing a permaculture project in the tropics.

Sauerkraut and Kimchi in any Climate!

Fermentation is a technique that has been used for thousands of years to preserve food. In this workshop learn how to make your own versions of two classic vegetable ferments—sauerkraut and kimchi. The methods you learn can be applied to many different types of vegetables, in any climate.

Fermenting Vegetables for Health and Nutrition: Techniques in Brining

Live culture fermented foods form a crucial component to a healthy diet and digestive tract. In this class you will learn some of the science and magic behind fermentation, as well as simple techniques for making your own fermented vegetables at home, no matter where you live.

Introduction to Brewing Live-Culture Herbal Sodas

Learn how to brew your own homemade live-culture sodas with local sugars, fruit juices, and herbs! These delicious and healthy sodas are packed with vitamins and minerals, herbal medicines, and probiotics. This class includes your own SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast) to get your own batches going as soon as you get home.

Basic Gluten-Free Herbal Beers

It ss much easier than you thought to brew your own alcohol. Learn the basic principles behind brewing, and how to make simple brews at home with local herbs. You don’t need barley! This class may change your life.

Información clave.

Año en que se fundó


Tamaño del sitio del proyecto

120 hectáreas

Estación seca

January to August

Idiomas hablados

  • English
  • Espanol


12 - 40

Estación lluviosa

September to December

Características de estadía.


  • casa completa
  • habitaciones compartidas
  • habitación privada

Omnívoro Comida

  • comida preparada en comunidad
  • mas de 80% de origen local


  • lento: solamente correos electrónicos

Clases en curso

  • permacultura
    1-2 veces por semana
  • nutrición/cocinar
    varias veces al día


Rancho Mastatal Sustainability Education Center está ofreciendo actualmente las siguientes oportunidades:

  • Permaculture
  • natural building
  • Agroforestry
  • Whole foods processing
  • beekeeping

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