Posada Natura Costa Rica is a wellness center dedicated to spiritual transformation, healing, personal development, and awakening. We are seated above one of the cleanest rivers left on earth, Rio Naranjo, and are surrounded by 2,600 acres of our protected rainforest. We work under the mission and value system of our umbrella non-profit organization, Circle of Sacred Nature, to fund our efforts to provide opportunities for people to heal and conserve the rainforest.This extraordinary natural setting is one of Costa Rica’s most bio-diverse regions, and is the perfect environment for your retreats, workshops, and trainings to reach new levels of nourishment and awakening.

Our signature Posada Natura programs are designed to open you to your inner worlds, emotions, traumas, gifts, and light, and provide professional therapeutic services that will help you integrate these experiences of awakening. Our heartfelt mission and focus at Posada Natura is to facilitate your healing process through spiritual practices that connect you to your Divine nature, open your awareness of your human condition, and support your internalization and assimilation of these revelations. We honor and carry forth the healing wisdom of ancient, indigenous spiritual traditions in collaboration with modern western psychology to penetrate deeply into the psyche and uproot the patterns, beliefs, habits, and stagnancy that prevent us from identifying with our Divine essence.

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Plant Medicine Immersion

Jan 18 - Jan 25, 2020
Food included
An opportunity to be deeply nourished by the wisdom of nature with plant medicine ceremonies and supportive integration practices. Ceremonies are guided by highly experienced facilitators and complemented with ample time for rest and reflection. Organic meals, hikes in the rainforest, trips to the ocean, optional yoga and meditation classes, and individual counseling included.

This unique retreat was designed by Celina De Leon and draws upon her extensive training as an apprentice in the Kamentsa indigenous lineage of the Putumayo of Colombia and her foundation in yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda.

Reality Enlightening Retreat

Dec 23 - Dec 28, 2019
Food included
To be able to have the reality you truly want, you need to let go of your old life & know exactly how your new life should look.

The Reality Enlightening Formula is the core ingredient in this retreat. Ancient healing practices, extreme sports, psychological coaching & the healthiest diet make our approach extremely impactful in transforming lives.

During one week you will be able to let go of the things you no longer need, achieve clarity, reinvent your life perspective & boost your physical and emotional health. That’s what will give you a super ability to create your new reality.

New Year Vision Quest Retreat

Dec 28 - Jan 03, 2020
Food included
Renew your vision for the new decade. Wake up in 2020 feeling restored and ready for the improvements you want to see in your life. Using a combination of shamanic ceremonies and yoga therapy, shed the layers that you’ve been holding onto for too long. Ceremonies are held by highly experienced healers from the Shipibo tradition. Daily yoga therapy and guided meditations specifically designed to help ease the shedding process of the mind and body throughout the stages of the retreat. Additional integration services provided to help guests weave the lessons they’ve learned through ceremony into their lives when they return home. Organic meals, play day in the ocean, nature connection ceremonies, temazcal, 2 plant ceremonies and individual integration counseling included. Using medicine as our guide, we’ll unravel the mystery inside and open up to what’s possible for the new decade.

Key Stats.

Year founded


Size of project site

10 hectares

Languages spoken

  • Spanish
  • English

People on site

6 - 40

Dry season

January to August

Wet season

August to December

Living Conditions.


  • shared rooms
  • private room

Vegetarian Food

  • over 80% locally sourced


  • medium: voice calls (no video)


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  • Internship opportunities

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