Climb a rainforest giant, sleep above the canopy, and spend an unforgettable night in the world's most irreplaceable forest for threatened species!

The Alunaris Temple is an interactive art project celebrating the diversity of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. A platform with a view of the jungle, installed high into a massive tree, accessible only via rope climbing.

Enjoy the view of a communal forest reserve, where hummingbirds fly, howlers pass, and fireflies light up the night.

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Tree House

Minimum stay: 1 nightsMaximum capacity: 3 people
Food Not Included
Alunaris is a space for adventure, inspiration, and the admiration of diversity. We offer you an elevating, exhilarating experience, in the middle of the world's most irreplaceable forest in the world for threatened species. The Kogi people, the indigenous guardians of this mountain, are our neighbors (literally: they live just across the road).

Price includes: entrance to the forest reserve and the Alunaris Temple, a base package (keys, climbing gear, sheets, coils, toilet paper, trash bags), a mule rental to get your stuff up the mountain, and a basic rope climbing course.

Alunaris has: a comfortable full bed with a mosquito net, two chairs, a table, extra mattresses and for naps and yoga, plastic containers for your stuff, water buckets, a washing bowl (plus a recipient for your liquid waste), two access ropes, a broom, and an outhouse on the ground.

You can borrow: a solar sound system, a solar USB charger, binoculars, headlamps, walkie-talkies, aerial circus silks, fabrics, cups, bowls, silverware, a tree climbing books.

Bring: clothes that can get dirty, a change of clean clothes, boots that cover your ankle, food, drinking water, toiletries, plus any entertainment and comfort items you would miss.

We also can help you hire a guide for increased comfort and safety.

Key Stats.

Year founded


Size of project site

1 hectares

Languages spoken

  • Spanish
  • English

Dry season

December to August

Wet season

September to November

Living Conditions.


  • entire house
  • private room


  • None: Off the grid

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