We vision a network of interlinked centers.

We connect people to meaningful experiences to facilitate personal transformation and accelerate the development of impact centers.

Our Vision.

Through our own exploration, we have found thousands of hubs globally that are examples of sustainable and holistic living, producing practical, low-cost solutions to the global climate crisis. These hubs incorporate ideals like community living, whole systems design, appropriate technology, seed banking, holistic health, and regenerative enterprise. Through our platform, we envision these impact centers becoming more accessible to the world and easily sharing crucial information and resources.

We believe that a travel journey that takes us outside of our comfort zones is often the first step in expanding our worldview, finding a global community, and experiencing the simplicity and liberation of living without many possessions. Transformational travel takes this concept a step further through exposure to projects that will replace one’s societal conditioning with a whole new way of being. Through our platform and shared media, we are empowering people who are unfulfilled in their lives to take a journey that will ignite a new life-changing path.

Our team is enthusiastic about building a global movement of passionate people and land stewards to co-create a thriving planet for us and future generations.

Our Team.

Our staff has experience living and working at impact centers in North, Central and South America, and shares a love of Latin culture, pupusas, and cacao-fueled dance parties.

David Casey's Team Pic

David Casey


David has spent much of the past five years in Central America organizing cultural events, retreats, and ecovillage design courses. He also spent considerable time managing volunteers at a farm and worked with an indigenous artisan cooperative in Guatemala. His experience and BA in Political Economy of Industrial Societies and Global Poverty & Practice from UC Berkeley are a pivotal foundation to the inspiration of NuMundo.

Shayna Gladstone's Team Pic

Shayna Gladstone


Shayna is an international eco-network weaver, entrepreneur, consultant, event producer and life-long earth-steward and has spent the past 2 years in Latin America connecting with local community and land regeneration projects. Shayna’s wide passion for building relationships, her eye for branding and her inspiring voice on social media are essential to the operations and marketing of NuMundo.

Erika Logie's Team Pic

Erika Logie


Erika has spent the last decade working in user experience and user interface design, and has worked with Disney, Fox, ABC and NBC. She played a pivotal role in running a newly founded eco-village in Nicaragua through marketing, event organizing, administrative management and conflict mediation. When she's not making things beautiful, Erika can be found dancing, hula hooping and snuggling with her cats.

Lukas Sommer's Team Pic

Lukas Sommer

Chief Technology Officer

Lukas has over 10 years worth of experience writing code and designing for screens. Living in busy Berlin, he worked for big agencies and small studios alike. On the search for new challenges he travelled the world for over 2 years with his project Good Things Everywhere, bartering skills for NGOs, eco-villages and social projects. Fluent in Portuguese, German, English and Spanish and now based in Brazil, he's the head of our technology team.

Eric Garcia's Team Pic

Eric Garcia

Technology Advisor

Eric is a Data Scientist and holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington. He has experience building web applications for two data-driven technology startups and is passionate about creating tools that enable communities to organize information and resources to build sustainable local infrastructures.

Alex Brotherbee's Team Pic

Alex Brotherbees

Project Manager

Alex has spent much of the past 10 years working with international tech companies, helping improve communication, organization and prioritization. After experiencing waste and inefficiencies associated with much of the corporate world, his goal of right livelihood is to dedicate his professional time towards earth-improving projects, like NuMundo.

James Foley's Team Pic

James Foley

Full Stack Software & Site Reliability Engineer

James is a software developer who has an extensive interest in decentralization technology for its potential to unknot and reknit the data and trust infrastructure we build our society on. He is a contributor to the Gravity project under development with the Economic Space Agency.

Katia Alferova's Team Pic

Katia Alferova

International Communications Director

Katia is a world traveler, polyglot, writer, marketer and photographer. She is the editor of Transformational Times and head of International Communications. She is connecting social impact projects and organizations around the world and her mission is to be a bridge. Katia holds a Bachelor's in Social and Political Science and a Master's in Marketing and Market Research from Sciences Po Paris. Katia speaks English, Spanish, Russian, French, and Portuguese.

Bryan Arturo's Team Pic

Bryan Arturo

Pathfinder Director

Bryan is a community organizer who activates projects around the world reconnecting people with nature and each other. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management & Entrepreneurship. While working at permaculture farms, ecovillages and land regeneration projects in Latin America he incorporates his background in tech recruiting into developing NuMundo’s Pathfinder travel advisor program. Bryan is passionate about improving our relationship to the natural world, social permaculture and regenerative enterprise.

Nick Joyce's Team Pic

Nick Joyce

Strategic Alliance Generator

After 5 years working internationally in the intentional communities movement and in West Africa as founder of Drums For Development and InTerraTree, Nick is now applying principles of integrated sustainability in the urban landscape as co-founder of Activate Asheville. He has sat on the board of the Global Ecovillage Network and Fellowship for Intentional Community, co-founded NextGENNA, and served as a consultant to The Valhalla Movement. With a BBA in Management, Permaculture & Ecovillage Design Certificates, and extensive experience living and traveling abroad, Nick has a knack for bringing clarity and resiliency to communities and organizations.

Taylor Proffitt's Team Pic

Taylor Proffitt


Taylor Proffitt is a travel journalist, alliance builder, organic gardener, and community activist. He works from the back end of multiple networks and organizations to enable resource sharing. Each day Taylor strives to make small changes toward a more socially and ecologically just planet while continually discovering new centers who align with these values.


Gaia Ma's Team Pic

Gaia Ma

Impact center founder, transformational facilitator

The co-founder and director of InanItah, an impact center on Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua, Gaia fulfills the role of primary visionary and director of legal, administrative, marketing and programming management. She also acts as a community development consultant and has facilitated self development groups internationally for nearly two decades. She is a certified Skydancing Tantra Teacher and Osho Therapist and has degrees in both Gender & Sexuality Studies and Economics from New York University.

Brian Steadman's Team Pic

Brian (Soloman) Steadman

Software engineer, Angel investor

Solomon Steadman is an engineer, musician, writer, artist, and angel investor. In the past he has worked at many of the most prominent tech companies in the world including Facebook, Google, and Microsoft where he specialized in mobile development and internal tools infrastructure. Currently he lives in Bali, Indonesia as a base where he can work on several large creative pursuits as well as invest in and advise startups in cutting edge industries.

Luis Silva's Team Pic

Luis Silva

Serial entrepreneur, 6x founder in fintech, bitcoin, biotech, AI

A serial entrepreneur, Singularity University alumni, angel investor, advisor, developer, sci-fi addicted, who loves tech, space, science and ancient history. Founded and invested in companies at Silicon Valley and Brazil, from robots that genetic engineer life using AI to fintech solutions that securely process billions of dollars in payments from entire countries. Co-author of books on innovation and articles published by O'Reilly and Elsevier. Featured at TechCrunch, Globo, Época, Forbes and others.

Where we are at.

Our team of ten (and growing) incredibly talented, nomadic developers, designers, project managers and marketers volunteer their time for this vision to thrive – running on pure passion. We have been supported through community crowdfunding, a grant, and a small seed investment during the past three years. This has allowed our team to come together in person at least once a year to bond and further develop the platform. The rest of the time, we all work remotely and hold side jobs to pay for our living costs.

Our dream is to be able to work full-time on this platform! This is why we’re exploring ways to monetize the platform through memberships, booking fees, marketing services and pathfinder sessions. In this pursuit of financial sustainability, we’re always seeking to find the balance between revenue generation and integrity, while staying true to our mission. Our dedication to making our platform accessible to everyone is at the forefront of our decision-making.

We are seeking investors, sponsorships or any other type of financial support to help us grow! Contact us if you’re interested in investing.

What is an impact center?

An impact center is a land based project that offers individual transformation, regenerative living education and strives to leave a positive local impact. An impact center could be an ecovillage, organic farm, yoga retreat center, or even a hostel, as long as they meet the criteria below.

Our impact center criteria.

1. Earth Care

Emphasis on whole-system sustainability and/or holistic health & well-being

2. Education

Provides retreats, workshops, courses and/or work-exchange or volunteering

3. Accommodation

Has the capacity to host individuals on-site for short or long-term stays

Contact us.

We are always looking for ways to collaborate, support centers and help individuals find transformational experiences.

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