We are currently a community of six member households and several others interested in membership, living close to the land on 135 acres of mixed woodland and pasture. We range in age from infant to 89. We strive to live spirit-focused lives that are simple, sustainable, and joyful, benefitting from and enjoying our close connections with each other and the land. We don't all need to identify explicitly as Quaker. We thrive in a range of green homes such as strawbale, slip and chip timberframe, stickbuilt, passive solar; many of us built our own. Many of us farm our land, raise chickens, sheep, and other livestock, forage, and produce piles of pesto. We use Quaker processes in our self-government, including consensus, discernment, and the clearness process. We value equality, diversity of experience and viewpoints, and deep listening. 


The Quaker Intentional Village of Canaan is offering a program for 6-10 people who would like to critically think about what it means to live in community, how they want to live their own lives, and the challenges of intentional living. The program will include various projects such as: making a root cellar, building a solar shower, building a composting toilet, permaculture and garden work. We will be visiting other communities  in the area, sitting in on decision making processes and having various discussions at night. The program is facilitated by Carolyn Beer, a young-adult who grew up in the community, and she is being supported by a "project care committee." 

A typical day (if not on field trip) would be:

Breakfast 8am

Session 1 Work Projects 9am-1pm

Lunch 1pm-2pm

Session 2 Work Projects 2:30-4:30

Free time 4:30-6:30

(acro-yoga, ultimate frisbee, hikes, swims, slackening, mushroom foraging, playing with children)

Dinner 6:30-7:30

Evening Activity 7:30-9 

We will be in session 5 days a week, with 2 free days for people to engage in community events, take trips in the local area (lots of hiking), and take time for themselves to recharge.


  • connecting with like-minded people
  • visits to other communities
  • discussions about communal living/alternative lifestyles
  • living in an 18-year old intergenerational community
  • yummy food (can be vegan, vegetarian or omnivore)

Living Conditions.


  • tent camping
  • shared rooms
  • private room

Vegan Food

  • communal kitchen access
  • communally cooked meals


  • fast: streaming video

Ongoing classes

  • permaculture
  • nutrition/cooking
    multiple times a day
  • yoga
    1-2 times per week

Getting here.

Amtrak train from NYC to Husdon, NY, Megabus or Greyhound to Albany, NY and Pittsfield, MA. Drive north on the Taconic State Parkway and we are at the last stop. Drive West on I-90 and we are the second exit crossing over from Massachusetts to NY. 


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