As we face climate change and rapid economic shift as a civilization, there is need for people everywhere to adopt regenerative practices and shift our human systems from extractive to regenerative as rapidly as possible - with intention and by design. 

  Pollination 2019 is a global convergence of regenerative culture makers across divergent institutions, industries and governments to cross-pollinate ideas, resources, and skill sets that lead to innovative emergent results and increased resiliency.

"The Future is Already Here - It's Just Not Evenly Distributed" - William Gibson

Pollination is not your traditional "conference" - part hackathon, part skill development, part action incubator, part integration portal. Join us for 2 days of focus on cultivating/distributing Collective Wisdom and development of local, scaleable action roadmaps that advance the global systemic shift from extractive to regenerative.

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Pollination is the annual gathering of the international Bloom Network – a global community founded to connect & support regenerative culture makers – entrepreneurs, activists, developers, artists, executives, designers, academics, leaders, futurists, mentors, experts, innovators, and visionaries.

While mainstream media capitalizes on climate disasters, terrorism, religious and resource wars, a vast global network of initiatives are enacting mature, proactive solutions NOW. Many of these solutions are emerging from small subcultures or siloed industrial sectors.

Bloom Network has emerged as a decentralized vehicle to activate the full potential of CROSS-POLLINATION of these various regenerative culture actors to create a deeper, greater, further-reaching and longer-lasting collective impact. The network organizes online and in-person, with active Blooms beginning to grow in bioregions around the globe (each hosting their own events and launching local co-creations). 

The efforts of Bloom Network are organized around 7 focus areas: Collective Wisdom, Global Justice, Community Health, Creative Arts, Ethical Technology, Peer-to-Peer Economy, and Earth Stewardship. We collaborate to share resources and ideas, to nurture people and the planet, to help restore healthy relationships and ecosystems. We actively work together to increase the visibility of what’s happening in the regenerative culture sphere so that the broader public can become aware of the resource and be fully empowered to TAKE ACTION. 

Core values of the Bloom Network include equitable resource sharing, decentralized leadership, and a felt sense of connection with the natural world and our shared humanity. We take care to create deeper awareness about oppression, to support autonomy and anti-colonialism as well as healing from our traumas. On the web, we practice radical creative possibilities of virtual connection, an initiative that is constantly adapting and evolving with the changing world around us. Together we creatively support each other’s potential and our collective capacity for love and respectful connection through manifestation of holistic regenerative culture. 

We hope you'll join us to cultivate Collective Wisdom and decentralize global resource sharing this August 17 & 18 in San Francisco for Pollination 2019! 


Designed with intention as a fully participatory event, Pollination is a unique, highly interactive, next-gen "conference" experience. Through a portal of brief speaker/panels, Action Incubator Innovation Sessions, Open Session Skillshares, and a re-imagined Exhibition Space, we will land in an embodied context of regenerative cultures together throughout the event to catalyze the ongoing innovations our global community requires to be well. 


A brief daily opening session places speakers and artists on stage to guide establishment of collective context and creation of the container. Participants then have the option to engage in the Action Incubator Innovation Sessions, Open Session Skillshares, or contribute to the Governance Hackathon. At the close of each day, we come together for a short plenary focused on open discussion, reportbacks, and the ritual of reflection.

Saturday evening also includes an Herbal Cocktail Networking Reception featuring  musical accompaniment, plant allies, and a welcoming space created with intention to engage in heart-centered networking. During the event, the onsite Healing Lounge and Inspiration Library offer supportive space to encourage a holistic, embodied experience while the VR/AR Exhibition showcases cutting edge work happening in that field throughout the gathering.


In the daily space between opening and closing sessions, participants are invited to break out into collaborative innovation sessions (the Action Incubator), organized around Bloom Network’s Themes for Regenerative Cultures. This year’s central theme (and the weaving thread of our entire event/incubator design) is a focus on cultivation of Collective Wisdom.

These active, fully participatory breakouts connect people and organizations currently working in each defined topic area with experts from variant areas who would like to contribute to it…

… P O L L I N A T I O N …

This is the core of Pollination’s purpose.

We gather to land in an embodied experience of regenerative culture, to actively work together to generate, share, and nourish each other with regenerative innovation that supports the individual, the organization, the community, and the global holistic ecosystem.

As participants complete registration, we gather information about current offerings of their organizations and communities, as well as work to identify the gaps, resources, needs or questions they have individually or as a collective. 

Everyone involved in the event actively shapes the genesis of this annual innovation program.

Action Incubator Goals:

1. Establish a shared context of regenerative cultures to support mobilization and implementation of regenerative culture innovations.

2. Create a well organized and easily accessible network of change agents across various aspects of regenerative culture activity in order to share resources and best practices. Create a decentralized space for active CROSS-POLLINATION!

3. Identify the full spectrum of actors in the regenerative culture ecosystem and their shared, primary innovation needs.

4. Collectively choose the specific innovation areas we will support as an Action Network over the coming year through a process of incubation and mentorship. (This process is designed in concert with the specific needs of the participatory group and their collective decisions during the Action Incubator.)

The Action Incubator is an ongoing process of connection and mutual support.

The year-long action cycle culminates with a large scale multimedia campaign to publicly amplify solutions we’ve created throughout the Action Incubator process in order to make this regenerative culture resource accessible to as many people as possible, serving as a tool for holistic flourishing in their bioregion, industry, community, family, and self.


Is there a specific skill, training, or concept demonstration you would like to share with participants to increase our collective capacity and success? Your summit registration survey will accept proposals as well as work to identify areas of skill development you would find personally or organizationally beneficial.
Based on the information collected by the registration survey, our event facilitation & design team will curate best-fit offerings on a rolling basis as they are submitted. The Open Session Skillshares will be posted on our website as they are confirmed. No pitches, please.


Bloom Network is functionally a distributed international cooperative, made up of members, partners, and local action networks. How we govern this and distribute resources among each other is the subject of this hackathon. 

Today it is possible to run such a business, in a way that meshes with existing governments and industry sectors, as well as grassroots leadership. The hackathon will also feature workshops and demos to support other distributed networks and organizations who attend Pollination.

- How do local Bloom networks manage organizational resources in a way that supports healthy bioregional activity and an equitable economy for all?

- Who owns and manages Bloom Network as a brand? 

- How are Bloom programs interwoven with other businesses and organizations, so that we support the ecosystem of regenerative activity as a whole? 

- How is this managed technically?

In June, we will host a small finance mechanisms mastermind with people in finance, fintech, and law, to make some progress on that element ahead of the event.

The hackathon at Pollination will also feature participatory workshops to expose Pollination participants to technology tools that are available to facilitate decentralized organizations today, including blockchain applications and collective wisdom practices for making deeply informed decisions in groups.


Pollination 2019 features an immersive exhibition playground featuring regenerative solutions among Bloom’s 7 key focus areas: Collective Wisdom, Global Justice, Community Health, Creative Arts, Ethical Technology, Peer-to-Peer Economy, and Earth Stewardship. Similar to the infamous BM WhatWhereWhen guide, the Expo will host demonstrations, skillshares, and interactive happenings throughout the day, interspersed with lots of art. Imagine seeing an art installation about mushrooms used for medicine and toxic land repair, while hearing someone in the next booth talking about financing for renewable energy projects, and a demo of restorative justice happening behind it.

Tables are currently available for exhibition as a space to feature businesses that are symbiotic with regenerative cultures. 
Sponsor a table directly for your company, or choose to organize a table around your own curated set of initiatives you would like to make more visible >> more information is available here about Partnership Opportunities.


  • A space and time for regenerative culture leaders to intentionally gather in order to collaborate on solutions to common problems, share ideas and resources, and inspire each other.
  • Short seminars and break out sessions dedicated to developing practical solutions through interactive and participatory discussion and visioning
  • Bloom Action Incubator: an innovation mobilization program for development of regenerative solutions and practical, scalable implementation. Working groups will be formed to implement solutions during the year leading up to Pollination 2020.
  • Bloom Network Governance Hackathon: participate in formation of governing structures of the Bloom DAO (decentralized autonomous organization)
  • Delicious, ethically and environmentally conscious snacks & daily lunch catered by Qwitchen
  • Celebration, Ceremony, Art & Performances: connect with fellow participants outside of formal summit sessions inside the AR/VR experience, during the herbal cocktail reception, at the opening circle or within the Innovation Lab; there are endless ways to cross-pollinate onsite.
  • A variety of healing modalities will be available for booking throughout the event to support processing, integration, and vision-casting. Trusted and trained collaborative facilitators will be present in all sessions to support the work and can be called upon at any time for additional or unexpected needs.
  • Registration also includes an annual membership to Bloom Network and access to Bloom's online collaboration tools, including the AI-assisted skills matching technology of the Global Change Collective.
  • Develop actionable regenerative solutions to global challenges which you can take home and work on in your community

Living Conditions.


  • No accommodation

Omnivore Food

  • over 80% locally sourced


  • fast: streaming video

Getting here.

Participants are responsible for their own travel to San Francisco. 

Nearby Airports: San Francisco International Airport  (OR) Oakland International Airport 

Ridesharing services and alternate forms of local transport (such as available scooters, bikes, and public transportation throughout the city) are highly encouraged versus car rental or driving a vehicle into the city. 


Pollination 2019: Regenerative Futures Summit is currently offering the following opportunities:

  • Video production/editing
  • content writing
  • street team/promotion


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