Spend some time in a world renowned ecovillage, exploring a world of cooperative green living, social justice and personal well-being with a group of like minded piers. The Eco-Gap Immersion Program is an 8 week long residential program at EcoVillage Ithaca, an internationally recognized ecovillage since 1990 where 200 people live in modern day, energy efficient homes on a gorgeous piece of land in New York State. 

Days will be filled with in-depth and lively conversations about personal and leadership development, living in community, social justice, and environmentalism with related readings and writings. They will also be filled with hands-on activities including field trips, community service projects, conducting research, farming, cooking and eating together, exercising, and spending time in the outdoors.  This program is for up to 8 participants, ages 17-21 and is structured around the themes of Food & Farming, Green Building, Personal Wellness and Community Living.


Days will be organized for you to start off on a positive note, doing something healthy for your body and mind as you check in with the group about how things are going and what’s new. Most mornings will also involve some type of personal or group learning about life at the EcoVillage as you consider the many facets of what it means to create a more sustainable way of living on Earth.

Afternoons will be filled with different types of activities and excursions which may involve work that contributes to current projects happening at the EVI, such as harvesting vegetables on one of the farms, clearing land for new farm projects, building new structures like tiny houses or solar ovens, making gourd art, or maintaining trails. Field trips around the Ithaca area to engage with people who are working on innovative projects will also be arranged.

Some evenings may be more structured than others. You might spend time with your new friends engaged in activities like campfire building or watching an inspiring movie that are organized by the program staff or by you!

Weekends will be spent with some field trips to Ithaca’s many incredible outdoor parks or working alongside EVI residents on projects. However, the weekends will also have free time for you to relax and explore on your own or with the new friends you’ll make in the EcoVillage and with the program participants.

Living Conditions.


  • shared rooms
  • private room

Omnivore Food

  • communal kitchen access
  • communally cooked meals
  • over 80% locally sourced


  • fast: streaming video

Getting here.

You will have to either fly or take a bus or drive to Ithaca, NY.  Once in Ithaca, you will drive the 3 miles to EcoVillage Ithaca or we will pick you up. 


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