The Convergence at Arcosanti is an event on October 5-7 at Arcosanti, the world famous Urban Laboratory in the Arizona desert. It combines elements of an immersive conference, festival, workshop, and retreat. This year 500 people will “converge” to show how lasting change can be effected through empowerment and celebration. In our second year, the Convergence is closing the gap between festival culture and community organizing/development. We offer pragmatic tools of change while also exhibiting performances and experiences that help us understand WHY adaptation, communication, and artistic pursuit are essential acts of life. Come dance, learn, co-create, and enjoy for a one of a kind adventure.


Hello and welcome to the Urban Laboratory of Arcosanti and to the first ever Arcosanti Convergence. Convergence is bringing together renowned speakers, artists, musicians, and activators to co-create an experience of vibrancy, action, and hope.


With themes of Empowerment, Intersectionality, and Collaboration at the core of this experience, we convene to approach essential discussions of our era. We reach across professional, cultural, and generational boundaries to find collective community in the current cultural environment. Our compass is guided by determined dialogue, uplifting artistic expression, and most importantly US – the participants – who will be the heart, purpose, and co-creators of this event.


We are here to DO community and sustainability, not just talk about it. This means participants are expected to uphold a standard of integrity, honesty, and work ethic throughout our stay. By employing the tools of active listening and conscientious dialogue, the work ahead is to deepen our understanding of our identities, our potentials, and our movement. The Convergence might be like a conference – but not really – acknowledging the complexity of the Human Experience, we are here to bend the genre into something much more. (It’s really up to us/you what that means.)


Participants are able to guide themselves through a flow of Keynotes, Workshops, Panel Discussions, Art Installations, Performances, Film Screenings, Acoustic and Dance Music. Tracks of Food and Farming, Localism and Sovereignty, Indigeneity and Colonialism, Community Economics, Permaculture, Immigration, and more. Prepare to be a student and teacher as you weave together your tapestry of experiences.


For the past 50 years, Arcosanti has committed itself to cultural evolution, sustainable urbanism, and community. The stunning architecture is nestled in 860 acres of Riparian nature preserve that will be yours to explore over the weekend. While we encourage participants to camp on the mesa overlooking the Agua Fria River, there are local accommodations (~2 miles away) available in Cordes Junction. This “Urban Laboratory” is focused on one essential question: “WHAT IF?” Please check out here for more info about Arcosanti.


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Living Conditions.


  • tent camping

Vegan Food

  • communally cooked meals


  • fast: streaming video

Getting here.

Arcosanti is located one and a half miles (2.5 km of unpaved road) Northeast of Arcosanti Road (exit 263) on I-17, near Cordes Junction, 65 miles (100 km) North of Phoenix.


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