We are collaborating with an amazing line up of musicians, artists and educators that will be sure to move you, inspire you and bring value to your life! You have the opportunity to offer your support in building the next phase of this eco-village artist retreat of magic and mystery while building new skills and forging new friendships.​



Join us at Heartland for our second year of CoLab Campout.

Read a full recap of our first year event here. 

We are building life 2.0 and this is Heartland Collective's showcase event. In collaboration with so many others we offer you an opportunity to join a new movement of regenerative living. We take our participants through a curated experience which traverses through OuterWork, InnerWork, Transformation, and Celebration. At CoLab Campout it is our highest intention to move through the event as a collective group.

In collaboration with Lucid University you can choose to come early and dive deep into one of four learning tracks; Cob Building, Bamboo Building, Lucid Dreaming, or Music Production. Each track is taught by an inspiring professional leading innovation in the specific field of study. The Lucid University ends on Thursday June 29th with a panel on collaboration which leads into the opening of the CoLab Campout weekend.

The CoLab Campout weekend begins at sunset on June 29th with an opening ceremony which dives into an ecstatic dance celebration.

Friday & Saturday consist of morning yoga followed by workshops in the same Cob Building, Bamboo Building, and Lucid Dreaming learning tracks as were offered during Lucid University. Friday evening consists of inner work and some night time dancing. Saturday night marks the transition into Celebration, and the fun continues late into the night.

On Sunday we start in the morning with some movement and transformative practices. The lake side celebration continues as the musicians offer us great tunes to enjoy as we frolic, dance, play, and connect in the beautiful lake. As we approach sunset we gather for a closing ceremony to deeply ground our beautiful collective experience. 


The core focus on day time activities is Outerwork, with learning tracks offered in different topics; Food Growing, Earth Building, Functional Art, & more! The learning opportunities are multi- day immersive experiences.


Nourish yourself with mediation, yoga, lakeside lounging and a self care journey, with daily group practices that are sure to leave you nourished and well rested.


When we come together to co-create we transform the possibility of what we think we can do alone. Our collective vision and intention will be a strong focus for the weekend.


As with all work done well, there is always much to celebrate. We come together to share in our inter-dependance, to celebrate community, health, and our shared interest in creating a world that works for all living things.


  • Collaborate with us :)
  • Joining a Lucid University program
  • A next level microfestival experience

Living Conditions.


  • tent camping

Vegetarian Food

  • restaurant on site


  • None: Off the grid


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