The Greenhouse 3-Month Group Online + In-Person Mentorship Program

An intimate 12, person, 3-month online journey crafted to support you in cultivating your leadership wholeness while birthing your visions into the world.

The Greenhouse is for you if you're ready to:

  • transition your career from unfulfilling to heart and earth-driven.
  • feel confident, worthy and connected to your passionate service.
  • become soul-connected to a community of inspiring leaders dedicated to service and personal growth.
  • radiate your message with clarity, ease and grace.
  • trust yourself take courageous and bold heart-centered action.
  • liberate yourself from self-sabotaging tendencies that take you away from your service.
  • cultivate balance between your masculine and feminine way of operating in your life and work.
  • receive loving support, mentorship, reflections and develop empowerment through authentic sharing.
  • develop practices and habits that will help you to better embody the service you long to provide.
  • cultivate discipline, organization and consistency in your nature-connected life and work.
  • strengthen your devotion to tending communal, familial and ancestral relations to support the over-health of your life and work.
  • cultivate a sense of resilience and wholeness in your being as you navigate life’s inevitable waves.
  • learn strategies that will support you in effectively marketing and growing your work into your livelihood.



May to August, every-week, we will immerse in a dynamic container of trust, authenticity and connection to move through evolving topics that address opening the capacities of our the heart, mind and body.


This program includes a pack of brilliant, radical, humble and heart-centered Earth and people tending, life and business catalyst, storytelling, pattern breaking community organizing heroes. Your guest mentors are Pandora Thomas, Mazin Jamal, June Kaewsith and Briana Cavion.


Each month, you will receive a video or audio training module providing you with practical, informative and inspirational to ground your ideas.


Our active Facebook group where you can ask likeminded individuals for ideas and share resources.


A final mastermind retreat held in nature to plant the seeds of our fruits, integrate the lessons, hold council and finalize actions for going-forth. The in-person immersion will be taking place in San Diego, California on a beautiful organic farm + intentional community.


Receive a workbook that will bring you into deeper alignment, focus and clarity for the holistic-professional.


When applicable, you will get connected with organizations, networks and experts depending in your field.


A 40-page guide to Living a Life You Love While Being in Service to the Planet.


  • SEED SELECTION Wisely choose the seeds you’re ready to plant based on your values, visions, self-care, spirituality, and your life work. We will be selecting the seeds that we’ll tend and nurture throughout the program and watch them come to life.
  • SOIL CONDITIONS Prepare your soil to create the perfect conditions for you seed to sprout. Develop new habits, come ALIVE, connect to your value-system and embody the essence of the service you want to give.
  • NUTRIENTS + NURTURANCE Identify the nutrients, the care, and the maintenance required to tend your seeds. Develop the discipline, consistency and courage to break ground and withstand and overcome the natural challenges that may arise.
  • LIFE-GIVING COMMUNITY Strengthen and deepen communal and familial human relations that bring life, meaning and health to the soils of our connections. Develop mutually beneficial companionship with others that supports the overall health of your life’s ecosystem.
  • ROOT AWARENESS Hone your communication, acknowledge where you came from and how it’s shaped your path, develop grounding practices, team with your ancestral line.
  • HARVESTING YIELDS + FLOWERING Get visible, share your story, show your true colors, gather your harvest and integrate the lessons learned through your journey.

Living Conditions.


  • tent camping

Vegetarian Food

  • over 80% locally sourced


  • None: Off the grid


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