In 2019, Aletheia Springs has launched a new residential Work Scholar program. This immersion is for those who are interested in coming to live/work at the Springs for anywhere from 1-3 months between March and October. Work Scholars participate alongside the year-round Aletheia Community Stewards in the daily operations of the Springs as well as the embodied community research and practice of restoring and actualizing a healed village. (For a full description of our project mission, vision and orientation, please visit AletheiaSprings.com/vision & AletheiaSprings.com/orientation.)

Similar to other live/work programs (at established centers such as Esalen, Tassajara, or Mount Madonna), Work Scholars at Aletheia participate in an immersive program of study and exchange. Room and board is fully included and there is a service work component of between 24-27 hours/week (depending on the month). Work Scholars also engage in a program of transformative learning for personal and social change consisting of daily to weekly morning group practices, as well as occasional trainings, retreats and daylongs specially curated from various lines of study (see Example Practices, Workshops & Retreats below).

Our service at the Springs involves participating in various ongoing roles and creative projects for the land and community, as well as working shifts during our guest season (see Service Work Spheres below). At Aletheia, we hold the work of operating the Springs during our summer guest season for the benefit of the public as our sacred karma yogatikkun olamseva or spiritual life practice. As such, it’s both an integral part of our community work and its a direct expression and extension of our greater vision for bringing about a healed, more beautiful world.

As 2019 will be our initial year for this program, it’s important to note that participants will be a part of an inaugural Work Scholar cohort and much of the program content and logistics will continue to be built-out and refined throughout the year with participant feedback. Those who enjoy being on the ground level of R&D for such a integrative and community-based program will find themselves a wonderful fit for us this year. We encourage people to come with ‘beginner’s mind’ as students with our blossoming community, with patience and good humor for creative community process and ‘making it up as we go along’. Going with the flow, self-management and good self-care will all be beneficial traits to have on board for this maiden voyage!


An Example Day at the Springs

(during the summer high season)

7am ~ Breakfast

8am ~ Group Practice

9am ~ Service Work

12pm ~ Free time / make-your-own lunch

1pm ~ Service Work

4pm ~ Free Time

5pm ~ Meal prep team

7pm ~ Dinner

Service Work Spheres

  • Gate Guardian

  • Lifeguardian

  • Cafe/Kitchen

  • Garden

  • Grounds

  • Thermal Baths

  • Children’s Sphere

  • Operations

  • Springs Systems

  • Building/Repair Projects

Example Practices & Areas of Study

  • Meditation, Mindfulness & Self-Inquiry

  • Nature Awareness & Connection

  • Evolutionary Partnership & Relational Consciousness

  • Embodied Movement & Dance

  • Early Attachment & Trauma Healing

  • Conscious Parenting &
    Raising Children In Village

  • Yoga, Self-care & Bodywork

  • Soul, Essence, Ego & Self-Awareness

  • Music, Sacred Song & Voice

Living Conditions.


  • tent camping
  • shared rooms

Vegetarian Food

  • communal kitchen access
  • communally cooked meals
  • over 80% locally sourced
  • restaurant on site


  • fast: streaming video

Getting here.

Please no visits without prior arrangement! Getting here by car is easy. There are also local busses that stop very close, as well as trains which come to nearby towns where we can pick you up.


Aletheia Springs ~ Work Scholar Residential Immersion Program is currently offering the following opportunities:

  • • Those with strong building, construction/carpentry, electrical or plumbing skills
  • • Those with a love of all things water, springs & geothermal, who are strongly detail-oriented and would love to get deep into our springs systems (piping/plumbing, filtration, mineral chemistry, graywater)
  • • Those who thrive in tracking and big-picture operations & vision, who are strong/very comfortable working digitally & online
  • • Those who’s wheelhouse is in new storytelling, outreach, event planning & facilitation, and social capital/community building & networking
  • • Those versed in nonprofit, business and/or real estate law to help us with creative legal structuring & long-term strategic planning
  • • Anyone with experience in accounting skills (OR A CPA)
  • • Those with wild-tending & landscape-whispering skills (managing the landscape as both a fire & water ecology, creek habitat restoration, arborist skills/tending trees, natives, oak woodlands, etc.)
  • • Skilled farmers & gardeners (small-scale production farming, permaculture, low-to-no-till, soil rebuilding, organic & biodynamic, etc.)
  • • Child-whisperers versed in unschooling, Waldorf, etc. who long to be a part of creating immersive and educational outdoor experiences for small people.
  • • Skilled chef/baker/foodies, who are detail-oriented and would would love to be hands-on in our organic, farm-to-table cafe
  • • Those willing to become lifeguard-certified (strong swimmer, leaderful, team-oriented, loves people, and loves the jedi-ninja work of bridging culture and re-storying)
  • anyone at a healthy level of capacity, self-awareness, physical health and the ability to live into the realness of our Aletheia vision (including when it’s most beautiful AND when it’s challenging) is going to be a great match for us! There’s so much to do here at our watering hole that, while we could always of course use certain specialized skills, we can plug capable and willing folks into lots of active spheres and edges we’re already working.


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