Passion to Purpose

Discover Your Dharma. This 200-hour YTT provides you with concrete tools and clear strategies to live your life with passion and purpose. Perhaps you’re wondering if it’s really worth your time, money and effort to become Yoga Alliance certified as a 200-hour registered yoga teacher (RYT). We understand how you feel, this path is not an easy one, yet we’ve found that even those who have no plans of actually teaching Yoga have come away deeply transformed by this experience, with crystal clarity on steps they can take to manifest their dreams.

In addition to the physical and philosophical foundations of Yoga, you will experience deep spiritual exploration, peeling away layers of conditioning to uncover the deep passions that truly motivate you. You’ll be guided through a carefully crafted sequence of activities designed to coach you to a clear and actionable strategic plan to unite your purpose with your profession.

​Each of our training programs have been carefully designed to incorporate 200 intensive hours using the Kula Collective signature structure of the Andean Cross, allowing a transformative journey through the lower, middle and upper worlds of the high Andean tradition. Each of the worlds has a different focus for us, Knowledge & Wisdom, Work & Service, and Love & Beauty.

This course will provide you with a holistic foundation of yoga including a brief introduction to the history, the traditional yogic paths, and the 8 limbs of ashtanga yoga, before moving into a focus on anatomy and exploration of asana through the Kula Basic Flow. Once we become confident in the Kula Basic Flow, we begin to deepen our understanding of Self, through study of yoga philosophy, cleansing and ceremony. We will learn teaching methodology in order to enable us to create balanced and holistic classes for a variety of levels as we explore Kula Signature Sequences and creatively sequence our own classes. 

The Divine Balance

is the ebb and flow of our energy with the outside world. We are born into a sacred contract with Mother Nature to love, honor, and respect all those around us. When we live life aligned in this way, we experience the same treatment in return. Life is a beautiful web which balances the polarities of our being. Our connection with nature is a reflection of our connection with self, and our sacred contract is strengthened through this reciprocal dance.

In the foothills of the oldest mountains in the world, allow yourself time and space for connection.

Honor the sacred of the natural world and become aware of the divine reflection within yourself.
Step out of your daily life to find solace, and then step back in
​with techniques to maintain balance and honor for the divinity within and without all creation.


As summer begins to blossom in the mountains, rivers, and forests, it is a perfect time to align our intentions to find our balance. This 25 day journey provides you the time and space to explore your Self and create a Personal Practice Design that serves you. This is a custom made vision of how you can incorporate the diverse tools and wisdom we'll be learning into your everyday life. Connect with the abundant nature of Seven Springs in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. We will examine how we each can live in love, honor and respect by exploring our own passions, studying the ancient traditions of yoga, and immersing ourselves in a holistic lifestyle to nourish our bodies, minds and spirits.​​

We will focus our study on yoga philosophy, energetic principles, and yoga asana (alignment, anatomy, and teaching). In addition, we will explore spiritual traditions from the South American Andean Quechua, Central American Mayan, and North American Cherokee and Lakota traditions.  

Other Highlights: 

Yoga Shala:
Standing 16 feet tall and 28 foot diameter, our yoga shala is held by mighty cedar tree poles from our forest. Enjoy glimpses of the first light of sunrise in this open air pavilion with a breathtaking view of the Chillhowee mountains.

Outdoor kitchen:
We find the best food is cooked outdoors! Our kitchen features a gas stove, refrigerator, large sinks, and ample preparation and storage space.

Fire circle:
For nightly gathering or special ceremonies, this is a space to bring people together around the power of the fire.

Yurt Classroom
Our 24ft Retrofitted recycled yurt is the perfect place to practice and learn. A labyrinth lotus on the floor invites circular meditations and a well-stocked library invites cozy study.

Octagonal classroom:
Our outdoor classroom is made for experiential learning. With whiteboards and long tables, this is the place to learn and design.

Massage pavilion:
The open air massage pavilion sits upon a hill near the shala. Relax on our massage table with a massage by one of our resident therapists.

Seven Springs has five residential yurts on site, each fully furnished with beds, tables, and dressers. If you've never slept in the round this is a must-try!

​We have several ideal camping spots along our creek. These are near the community kitchen and bathrooms.

​Freshwater Spring
Enjoy a sacred cleansing with pure mountain spring water that originates on the property. 


  • Incorporate yogic principles in all aspects of your daily life!
  • Make medicinal herbal remedies and natural products
  • Study yoga philosophy, energetic principles, and yoga asana (alignment, anatomy, and teaching)
  • Immersion in a holistic lifestyle to nourish our bodies, minds and spirits.​​
  • Develop a Personal Practice Design that leverages all the tools and wisdom to help you solve your deepest challenges.

Living Conditions.


  • tent camping
  • private room
  • shared rooms

Vegetarian Food

  • communal kitchen access


  • medium: voice calls (no video)

Getting here.

We are located 20 minutes from the Knoxville Airport in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains near Maryville, TN. Upon signing up you'll receive a welcome packet with complete directions and other things you'll need to know as you prepare for your time with us.


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