Ecological living is your passion ? Looking for a supportive and inspiring experience in a fun environment? Come join us!

We have created the first ecovillages of french part of Switzerland, in beautiful sites.

La Smala is the mother association, which runs the Eco-Houses owned by the cooperative Bâtir Groupé, with convivial meals open to the public, training of animators, permaculture gardens and an ecological way of living. We have 2 ecovillages already in function since 2016, and growing.

In both of our Ecovillages we adopt an ecological and community-based way of living. We live in relatively small private rooms (some of them have private bathroom and kitchen) and we have big shared spaces (cafeteria, party rooms, garage, multi-purpose rooms). The food is usually vegetarian and organic and we share as many things as possible in our everyday life, material and immaterial.


We are a team of volunteers. And we are looking for creative and enthusiastic people interested in decorative ebenisterie, woodwork and/or communicating on our activities and/or editing videos about our ecological communities in Grandvaux and Cheiry.

The functions that you will have in exchange of free meals and bedroom :

  • Creating wooden decorations and furniture for our ecovillage : library, coworking space, cafeteria, arts auditorium, escape-room on the theme of ecological transition, artistic center. Other wooden decorations and recycl’art.
  • Managing our websites in Wordpress ; communicating in social networks ; presenting our communities to the public during the stands ; designing educational signage ; graphic design (flyers, booklets…)
  • Editing videos in French, Portuguese and English that show the life in our ecovillages

Your creative sensibility interests us!

AVAILABILITY : anytime during the year, for minimum 2 months, ideally 3-6 months.

Living Conditions.


  • shared rooms
  • private room

Vegetarian Food

  • communal kitchen access
  • communally cooked meals


  • fast: streaming video


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