We, a German-Russian nature loving family, want to share our experiences on how fulfilling a live in nature can be. In our opinion a satisfying life on a homestead, which can feed a family is the solution for the problems on our planet. 
Our homestead is part of the settlement Vedrussiya, close to the Black Sea, where a lot of other families live on their homesteads. 
Currently we are growing fruits and vegetables, produce cheese and wine, heat with wood from our forest, get our electricity partly from our solar panel and collect rain water. Furthermore, since very recently we have a greenhouse, an earth cellar as well as a huge pond, what makes us more independent.
A winter garden for exotic fruits is still under construction, as well as our future home, a resort for tourists and more.
On our family estate live: my husband Maxim (from Russia, 39), his daughter Ulyana (8), his son Tikhon (6), our daughter Varvara (born in January of this year) and I, Julia (from Germany, 32).


If you want to learn about self-empowerment, potential development and hands-on self-sufficiency come here and live with us for some days or weeks.

intuitive gardening with nature
closed-loop economy / Zero-Waste-Life
polycultures / mixed cultures
sustainable timber cultivation and harvest
soil improvement
management of nutrition-competitors
seed production
usage and of greenhouses

timber harvesting
oven manufacturing
earth celler construction
construction of a log house
compost toilet construction
pond construction
well construction

Manufacturing of cheese from goat and cow milk
Growing or grapes and producing wine
Collecting and processing wild herbs
preservation of harvested food
Preparing healthy meals and juices
Baking bread
and much more! 


• Gardening
• Building
• Help in the kitchen / cooking
• Help in our household
• Child care
• Collecting and processing our harvest
The works depend on factors like weather, climate, season, your skills and wishes as well as our needs. You do not need to have special skills or prior knowledge. Most important is that you are motivated and interested in learning new things!
We benefit a lot from exchanging experiences and ideas with our volunteers. Your ideas and opinions bring a fresh breeze into our projects!

Dependent on season and your preferences, we have different accommodations inside and outside. Mattresses, blankets, pillows as well as towels are available in limited quantity.
We mainly cook vegetarian food and can also adapt to guests who eat vegan or raw food.
We have a fast internet connection here. Furthermore, we invite you to use your stay in order to get more in touch with nature, people and yourself. You will have time to visit the settlement Vedrussiya, where you can meet interesting families, attend cultural events and celebrations. About 5 kilometers away are the cities Ilskiy and Severskaya, about 40 km away the city Krasnodar. Furthermore, you can do sports here: We have a beach volleyball court, a huge trampolin, a jogging track as well as a bicycle. 


  • Your stay may boost your language knowledge. Our mother tongues are German and Russian, furthermore we speak English. You will learn a lot about self-sufficiency, not only what regards growing your own food, but also how to generate your own heat, electricity and be independent from external water supply. Your stay may help you to find your place for living in case you like our settlement. There is a diverse cultural programme in our settlement including concerts, sport activities, hiking tours, festivals, and much more.

Living Conditions.


  • hammocks
  • tent camping
  • private room

Vegetarian Food

  • over 80% locally sourced
  • communally cooked meals


  • fast: streaming video

Ongoing classes

  • permaculture
  • nutrition/cooking

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Free / Work-Trade

Come as a VOLUNTEER and leave as FRIEND :)

Aug 28 - Aug 27, 2021Minimum stay: 3 nightsMaximum capacity: 4 people
Food included
In exchange for 5 hours of daily work (except on the weekend) you can stay at our place as long as you want, food included. I will send you details on request! :)

Getting here.

The closest airport is in Krasnodar. From there we can pick you up. If you know Russian you can also use the public transport and go to the city Ilsky where we will meet you. :)


Learn hands-on self sufficiency and permaculture in eco-settlement in South Russia (ENG/GER/RU) is currently offering the following opportunities:

  • Social Media experts
  • film makers
  • gardeners
  • educators
  • permaculturalists
  • cheese maker
  • wine makers
  • marketers
  • builders
  • teachers


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