Atreve-te a deixar a tua visão do mundo para trás, porque nesta viagem vais estar em contato com pessoas diferentes que vivem no Projeto Vida Desperta, na Herdade Freixo do Meio e na Biovilla. Terás a oportunidade de questionar a tua vida e a maneira como a vives e talvez consigas aprender novas formas de estar com os amigos, o trabalho e a própria vida. Vem trabalhar a tua mente, corpo e natureza num retiro de meditação, a aprender a ter mais consciência em relação ao que comes e a aprender sobre sustentabilidade enquanto suja as mãos na terra.

The ALP Story

A história do ALP

The seed that was to become The Awakened Life Project was sown when Pete and Cynthia bought the abandoned mountain farm of Quinta da Mizarela in Central Portugal in 2007. This huge leap into the unknown was propelled by their shared vision to create a beautiful place dedicated to the liberation of the human spirit in a context of communion with the surrounding nature.

While trust in the vision was strong how it would manifest was completely unknown. Then the magic started to happen and with the inspired participation of an international stream of volunteers, some of whom stayed and became residents and co-creators for periods of time, the project has developed into an international movement with its base at Quinta da Mizarela blossoming into a small residential community and retreat centre.

A semente que se transformou no Projecto Vida Desperta foi semeada quando o Pete e a Cynthia compraram a quinta numa montanha abandonada chamada Quinta da Mizarela no Centro de Portugal em 2007. Este enorme salto no desconhecido foi impulsionado pela sua visão em criar um lugar maravilhoso dedicado a libertação do espírito humano num contexto de comunhão com a natureza circundante.

Embora a confiança na visão fosse forte, como isso se manifestaria era completamente desconhecido. Então a magia começou a acontecer e com a participação inspirada de um fluxo internacional de voluntários, alguns dos quais permaneceram e se tornaram residentes e co-criadores por períodos de tempo, o projeto transformou-se num movimento internacional com a sua base no florescimento da Quinta da Mizarela, numa pequena comunidade residencial e centro de retiros.


1 Paragem
Alimentação Biológica@Herdade Freixo do Meio
3 dias

Herdade Freixo do Meio is an Alentejo farm, where in 1990 a new generation took up the challenge of managing it as a Common Good. He chose Agro-ecology as a ethic management process returning to the medieval Agro-ecossystem of the Montado as a way to approach the present and to build the future. This model of Agroforestry is now enriched by the visions of Science, Permaculture, and Food Sovereignty. Since then, the mission has been based on demands, transparency, democratic participation, knowledge and innovation. We will spend 3 days in this beautiful farm where we will learn the benefits of eating organic and will learn the traditional way of baking Alentejo bread and learn how to work the cork, from the tree to the bottle.

This experience will include:

Optional Meditations sessions
Time for exercise
Walks in nature
Visit to the Herdade
Workshop ''The cork, from the Mounted to the Cork''
Workshop ''Kneading the Alentejo Bread''
Vegetarian\Vegan Meals
Free Time

2nd Stop
Weekend Meditation Retreat
@The Awakened Life Project
3 days

This is an opportunity to put aside the routine of our everyday lives and give ourselves completely to spiritual practice in a supportive collective context.
If we want to be free, if we want to live a life of profound wholeness and purpose, then we need to discover and become grounded in the source of our Being. In this weekend retreat we will dive deeply into the experience of meditation, not through a technique, but through discovering our natural state.

The retreat will be held in silence except for teaching periods and question and answer sessions. No previous meditation experience is necessary and people from all faiths and spiritual orientations can benefit.

This experience will include:

Meditation sessions
QI GONG exercises
Non duality contemplations
Question and Answer Sessions
Vegetarian\Vegan Meals
Dipping in Waterfalls
Free time
Note - this retreat is held in silence

3rd Stop
3 days

If sustainability and happiness are important to you and you don't know how to bring this to your life, these three days will make the difference.
Biovilla aims to promote social, economic and environmental development in an integrated and balanced manner through practical and innovative business models that keep sustainability in the center of its action.
Here you will learn how to be environmentally positive, socially responsible and economically viable. You will work the soil, take care of seeds, go for long walks in nature, get to know the biovilla founders, help in the tasks of preparing, eating and cleaning, you will have fun, you will gather around the fire and you will see the world through a new lens.

This experience will include:

Optional Meditation sessions
Time for exercise
Vegetarian\Vegan Meals
Talk about Food
Workshop on Wild Greens
Walking in Nature

This is a general guideline to the daily program and subject to change accordingly to each place

7am - Meditation
8am - Optional Time for Exercise
9am - Breakfast
10:30am - Activities\Community Work\Workshops
1:30pm - Lunch
3:30pm - Activities\Community Work\Workshops
7pm - Dinner
8:30pm - Evening Activities


  • Optional\Non Optional Meditation sessions, Time for exercise, Vegetarian\Vegan Meals, Talk about Food, Workshop on Wild Greens, Walking in Nature, QI GONG exercises, Non duality contemplations, Question and Answer Sessions, Dipping in Waterfalls, Visit to each place, Workshop ''The cork, from the Mounted to the Cork'', Workshop ''Kneading the Alentejo Bread''
  • The tour includes pick up and drop out at the Lisbon Airport, Personal and Civil Responsibility insurance, All the activities mentioned above

Living Conditions.


  • tent camping
  • shared rooms
  • private room

Vegetarian Food

  • communally cooked meals


  • None: Off the grid

Ongoing classes

  • meditation
  • nutrition/cooking
  • permaculture
    3-5 times per week
  • plant medicine
    1-2 times per week
  • yoga

Getting here.

Os participantes serão transportados do aeroporto de Lisboa e de volta.


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