Our Q'ero Elders, master weavers of the high jungle, and the present generation of wisdom holders of the Quechua lineage are committed to support you in your growth so you may have the tools to take that next step in your life as a clear and connected keeper of the Earth. This is why Reviveolution and MoonMountain are inviting you to join us for this experiential Earth Wisdom immersion in Peru to re-inspire your aspirations and re-kindle your life mission with clear and precise ancestral practices sculpted for modern application.

Whether you are a facilitator, healer, seeker,entrepreneur, a creative, or simply wanting a reboot this 10 day retreat in the wild nature of the Andes mountains is designed to connect you directly with holders of ancestral lineage to equip you with tools of Peruvian Tradition, Ancestral Arts, and Earth Honoring Practices that will impact your life and empower the change you wish to inspire in the world.

Here are some tools you can look forward to learning:

Coca Integration Circles

Haywayriki (despacho) ceremonies

Weaving Mindfulness with the Masters

Q'ero Prayer and Offerings for Personal Practice

San Pedro Medicine Hike

Solstice Celebration at the Qapac Raymi gathering

Clear Integration Tools for Personal Life Application

Qapaq = "powerful" in Quechua.

Through a deep exploration of indigenous traditions straight from the source, we will open up to the strength of integrating our highest vision in our daily lives.


Day 1: Welcome to your gorgeous center in the Sacred Valley! Get settled and enjoy lunch followed by a coca integration circle where we will get to know one another, meet our Q'ero meistro and learn to sit with Mama Coca.

Day 2: After a morning coca circle we will wash away heavy and stagnant energies with a river cleanse using cleansing herbs. Today we will also learn about the traditional Q'ero fire offerings to unite our circle with a despacho ceremony and set our intentions for our journey.

Day 3: We will start today early by drinking San Pedro and walking to a sacred site to sit in ceremony and connect with nature. Meistro Juan Gabriel will share with us the teachings of personal offerings and prayer. In the afternoon we will celebrate with a feast and an intimate integration circle.

Day 4: Today is a day of reflection, integration, and creativity! We're going to have fun, dive deep, explore, and connect in a meaningful way to truly integrate ancestral practices into your particular lifestyle.

Day 5: Today we will meet the Sonqo family, master weavers from the high jungle. They will introduce us to the practice of spinning to make our own baby alpaca wool & dying them with incredible colors of wild plants and insects. Weaving is for all genders in Peru-the whole family participates. Here we will introduce the concept of utilizing creativity as the seed of inspiration for approaching life and work.

Day 6: Today we will get some hands on time weaving on a back-strap loom. Beyond a craft weaving teaches us how actively working with our hands is a practice of mindfulness. While we are creating our hat bands, Daniel Sonqo will share a presentation about the symbology represented in Andean culture.

Day 7: We will continue to master the art of mindfulness by giving loving attention to our weavings. Allowing each thread to show us the quality of our mind and working out turbulent thoughts and feelings by smoothing out the threads of our creative expression. This is accompanied by diving deeper into stimulating teachings of mindfulness and creativity that form the root of these ancestral practices.

Day 8: Today we will be facilitating an inter-cultural dialogue about cultural appropriation and the ways we can respectfully carry forward indigenous traditions in our personal lives. We will bring together individuals of many diverse backgrounds; including indigenous wisdom-keepers, native weavers, young Quechua activists, and all of you beautiful individuals from around the world; to bring unique perspectives to this very important subject. We will finish off the evening with some creative practices to integrate what we have learned.

Day 9: Today marks the Solstice! We will sit in joyous celebration and intentional prayer at the Qapaq Raymi event at Communidad Amalai. This will be a day of powerful ceremony that is sure to leave a lasting imprint in your life. By taking the time to sit, connect, and feed the life force of the Earth on this potent day we are feeding the life force of our own personal dreams and breathing strength into our highest aspirations.

Day 10: Today we again attend the Qapaq Raymi event and join together with more celebration, prayer, medicine, and song. Celebration is a huge aspect of Andean Culture. We enjoy the beauty of life together, celebrate the bounty of the Earth and, in return, bring the prosperity into every aspect of our own lives.

Day 11: Today we say our Goodbye-for-now hugs and wish each other well on our journey with full hearts and a deeper since of wisdom for walking as a steward of this planet.

Your Contribution: $1,490

A $500 dollar non-refundable deposit is due upon registration (through NuMundo). The rest of your contribution is due in cash on the first day of the course in Peru. If needed, inquire about payment plan options or creative funding through our Watana Weaving Collective

*Ay becas parciales por personas de Sur y Central America*

Price includes all activities, double occupancy accommodation, and all organic meals. Flights and transport to the center are not included.

Living Conditions.


  • shared rooms

Vegetarian Food

  • over 80% locally sourced


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