You believe that you can create abundance for yourself in innovative ways that improve the quality of life in your community and beyond.

In order to generate and develop new ideas, you're looking for experiences to develop your empathy and tools to channel your creativity.

It's a challenge is to do that within the university structure, which can feel quite frustrating and stressful.

Come with us to make the most of your spring break as we:

- See new places

- Learn new visioning and strategizing tools and practices

- Build deeper relationships

- Support social enterprises

Join us for 9 days as we immerse ourselves in Peruvian Social Enterprises and collaborate with LlamaPack in the Sacred Valley.

Together we’ll explore the ways in which communities are using regenerative resources to improve their quality of life. 

For the third consecutive year USC Marshall School of Business is teaming up with NuMundo and Caracol Consulting to offer a unique experience in regenerative travel. Together with local partners in the sacred valley of Peru students will have an opportunity to see first hand examples of rural entrepreneurship, using strategies that improve the quality of life for the entire community.

Our main partner social enterprise for this journey will be LlamaPack, a Project that works to recover traditional uses and breeding of carrier llamas as a tool for sustainable rural development and conservation of mountain ecosystems in the highlands surrounding the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Through collaborative flow design methodology we will work with leaders to prioritize their challenges and choose one that the group will be able to help resolve. Through trekking together with these communities and their llamas we'll gain first hand context which we'll apply to build solutions together with these leaders in a collaborative summit. Our days will be full of creativity and mindfulness with opportunities for classes on meditation and Yoga, as well as participation in ancestral ceremonies.

Our learning goals for this experience are:

Appropriate Social Enterprise
Collaborate with local leaders & entrepreneurs to:
  • Explore the challenges faced by small scale rural social entrepreneurs
  • Apply Collaborative Flow Design & generate appropriate solutions to shared challenges
  • Implement social business canvas tool to describe and develop social entrepreneurship models
  • Use rapid prototyping tools to test and improve ideas
  • Explore creative expression to develop new and exciting possibilities

    Cultural Immersion

    • Expand your intercultural competence to support inclusive environments and thrive in diversity.


    • Practice tools for mindfulness in personal and business life
    • Appreciate the role of spirituality in community well-being

    Stop wondering how to get more out of your education and make this investment in your self and these social enterprises of Peru.

    Step into a more empathic and creative mindset,
    and LIVE the change you believe in.

    Please note: This experience involves moderate treks and tent camping in high altitude communities. We will ensure that you have proper time to acclimatize and will provide support when needed. See these tips for more details on how to prepare, and please read through our program carefully.

    For more information or questions,

    contact Karla Salazar, USC MSSE StudentTrip Coordinator.

    email: karlasal@usc.edu

    phone: 310-429-6919


    Friday March 9:

    Travel. Shuttle will pick up at the Cusco airport and bring  to the LlamaPack headquarters in Urubamba, 2hrs down into the sacred valley. That evening we will share a welcoming meal and a cultural activity.

    Saturday March 10:

    We’ll take this day to get to know the project we’re working with. We’ll also have some time as a group to explore our own creativity, learn the Collaborative Flow Design methodology and practice tools such as rapid prototyping. We will also collaborate with a local elder to make an offering asking permission for our time and work in the valley. Yoga and mindfulness classes will also be offered. In the afternoon we’ll be able to tour a local social enterprise in Urubamba to learn more about the broader context in the area.

    Sunday March 11:

    This day will be a free day to explore Urubamba and the Sacred Valley. Our group may choose to visit a local shaman for plant baths and/or sacred medicine, take hikes to ancient sacred sites well off the beaten path, or visit Pisac to explore the local craft markets.

    Monday March 12 - Wednesday March 14:

    These days will be spent trekking with llamas and our local guides through the rural communities where our partner organization operates. We will be meeting and learning directly from social entrepreneurs. The leaders of LlamaPack will have pre-identified challenges they’re seeking support with and this time will be spent understanding those challenges, building relationships and creating an empathic connection with our hosts.

    Thursday March 15:

    Summit: A diverse group of organization members and local leaders will meet with our group to explore the challenges they identified, share our insights, and to design and prototype solutions. This will be followed by a shared celebratory dinner and cultural event.

    Friday March 16:

    Optional excursion to Machu Picchu or other nearby attractions. Tours can be booked through us. *This additional cost is not included in the package. We will all spend the night in Urubamba.

    Saturday March 17:

    Reflection and closure. We will work with a local elder to ceremonially give thanks and close our time in the Sacred Valley. Afterward we will travel to Cusco for lunch and craft souvenir shopping. A celebratory dinner will be held to end our time together, followed by free time to explore Cusco.

    Sunday March 18:

    Final day. People part ways. 


    • Apply your skills in a real-world setting to bring value to a local social enterprise.
    • Use cutting edge collaborative design tools to co-create solutions to real challenges.
    • Develop tools and techniques to increase your mindfulness.
    • Find inspiration to drive your own social enterprise projects.
    • Build intercultural relationships that will prepare you for global initiatives.
    • Explore culinary traditions rich in flavors and heritage.

    Living Conditions.


    • tent camping
    • shared rooms

    Omnivore Food

    • over 80% locally sourced


    • slow: emails only

    Ongoing classes

    • yoga
      3-5 times per week
    • meditation
      3-5 times per week


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