DISCOVER YOUR SOLAR SELF: A Plant Medicine Journey

Embark on a transformative journey with the guidance of Quechua wisdom keepers & sacred plant teacher, Huachuma (San Pedro). Engage in a deep relationship with the Sun and the Earth - the forces that sustain us all.

Visit sacred sites and crystalline lakes off the beaten path, where you will befriend people & communities who will welcome you with open arms and hearts. Meet the stewards of the land, while soaking in the traditions, knowledge and culture of the Incas.

Hear the voice and feel the soft embrace of the Apus - meaning sacred mountain spirits - who will hold us and protect us on our journey. Decode and unravel the inherent, ancient wisdom within and all around you.

Through intentional daily practices, authentic conversations and ceremonies, the essence of who you really are will be revealed.



Huachuma, a cactus also known as San Pedro, has long been used by indigenous people in Peru to “unlock the gates of heaven.” This cactus works to heal your body, spirit and mind.

Huachuma meets you where you are at, while offering a profound, transformative experience in the form of deep insight and connection to yourself, nature and the universe. 

The sacred cactus allows you to release anything that doesn’t serve you including baggage from this or previous lifetimes. With its gentle guidance you will find the answers that are already inside of you.


Q’ori grew up in the village of Lamay with her mother and grandmothers, learning from them a deep connection to Quechua culture, healing, and the land. Called by the sacred medicine, she has been guiding people on spiritual journeys with Huachuama for six years. Her presence is strong and unwavering. Q’ori is truly a heart warrior.

Julian and his brother Valerio own the travel company, Ruña Nan, meaning the way of the children of Pachamama and Taitainti (father sun). They have been leading healing trips in Peru for people from all over the world for nearly a decade. Julian will lead you to the majestic mountain of Ausangate, and along the way he will share the wisdom of connecting with the Apus and the energies of this sacred place.


Erin is the creatrix and founder of Elemental Excursions. She lived in South America for a large part of her formative years, which helped to shape the healer, activist and leader that she is today. Erin is passionate about supporting social and environmental justice through liberatory practices, such as paying financial reparations and partnering with local and indigenous people of the communities we work with. Find out more about Erin.

Jess has been living and working in Latin America for ten years, drawn by a deep connection to the indigenous people, their wisdom, and the land. She has been traveling to Peru since 2015, when she first experienced the heart opening plant medicine of Huachuma, and ever since she has been deepening her spiritual journey with the medicine and the people of Peru. Find out more about Jess.


Day 1: 

Opening Cacao Ceremony & heart circle.

Days 2-4: 

Explore healing, awakening, self-knowledge and connection through ancestral rituals led by Q’ori and T'ito, Quechua medicine guides, in the rural villages of Lamay and Arin in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Learn how to ask permission to open sacred space and energies, and enter into portals which will take you to the deepest dimensions of your sacred being.

Speak directly with Pachamama (Mother Earth), and connect with Mama Koka (spirit of the Coca Leaf) using ancestral techniques. Discover the composition, structure and organization of the energies, sacred bodies, essences and subtle forces of your being.

These rites and passages are essential to prepare you to work with the heart opening medicine of Huachuma (San Pedro), also know as the Grandfather medicine. 

 Deepen your path of awakening with this powerful yet gentle plant medicine of self-understanding and healing. Work with your ancestors and teachers to be guided back to yourself. Transformation, liberation and evolution of your being awaits.

Days 5-7:

Visit the sacred mountain of Ausangate, considered to be one of the most powerful traditional deities in the region (also known as apus or mountain spirits).

Experience the rich culture through a two-night homestay with local Quechua family. Drink Huachuma in communion with healing hot springs in the community of Pacchanta guided by Julian, Quechua plant medicine guide.

Ride horses to the mystical lakes at the base of this potent mountain, and drink Huachuma once again, while soaking up the energy of this widely revered apu.

Sit in circle around fires with Quechua families underneath starry nights, super charged by the surreal landscape surrounding you.

Day 7:

Explore the ancient city of Cusco

Day 8:



  • Guided Cacao ceremony
  • Three Traditional Huachuma (San Pedro) ceremonies
  • Mountain horse back expedition
  • Hike to sacred turquoise lakes
  • Experience the healing powers of Apu Ausangate (Ausangate Mountain)
  • Soak in hot springs
  • Homestay and intercultural exchange with Quechua family
  • Healthy, abundant vegetarian meals
  • Receive downloads and codes from Quechua Wisdom Keepers
  • Explore the ancient city of Cusco
  • Donation to local orphanage, working to support and uplift youth

Living Conditions.


  • private room
  • shared rooms

Vegetarian Food

  • over 80% locally sourced
  • restaurant on site


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