Hola beautiful souls!
Come join us on this magical retreat immerged in the stunning nature of the Sacred Valley of Peru.
During this time you will be experiencing a perfect blend of indigenous wisdom and shamanic healing practices, daily guided Hatha yoga and meditation, powerful nature and visits of ancient and mystical Inca sites. 

By immersing yourself in the wisdom and rituals of the fascinating Andean Cosmovision with a Master from the Q'ero community and through heart and mind opening sacred medicine ceremonies (San Pedro and Ayahuasca) facilitated by experienced shamanic healers, you will experience a deeper connection with your higher consciousness and gain transformational inspiration for your life.


By participating in this magical retreat in the beautiful Sacred Valley of Peru, you will profoundly (re)connect with your true being, experiencing inner peace, harmony, and unconditional LOVE (munay) - towards your own self, Pachamama(Mother Earth) and everything in it. This retreat will support you in healing old wounds and leaving behind mental patterns that no longer serve you. You will find a perfect blend of indigenous wisdom and shamanic healing practices, daily guided yoga, beautiful nature and powerful energy places, which will facilitate your connection with your higher consciousness and personal transformation.

Living from the Heart - genuinely and unconditionally - is our highest value and guiding principle at all times, in life and during our retreat. As the moon in "Moonay" suggests, we fully embrace the divine feminine during all our activities,counterbalancing the qualities of fear, oppression and greed that are currently defining the dominant cultures of the planet. It is now a time for change as our collective destiny hangs in the balance.

These will be the key components of our retreat:

  • ANDEAN COSMOVISION: By immersing into the ancient wisdom of the Andean Cosmovisión through theoretical and practical teachings, you will experience a different reality based on reciprocity and universal balance. The special opportunity of undergoing the Great Initiations (Hatun Karpay) and other indigenous Andean rituals and traditions with a Master from the Q'ero ethnic group will facilitate an opening of the three centres of your beingtowards harmonic action (llank’ay), unconditional love (munay) and transcendental wisdom (yachay). The Q'eros are the most highly respected mystics in the southern and central Andes and known for having preserved the wisdom of the spiritual traditions of the Incas in a very pure form.

  • SAN PEDRO/ HUACHUMA: We invite you to go really deep in your process of healing and opening your heart by joining us on two life-changing San Pedro/Huachuma medicine journeys. The first will be facilitated by our local curandero Don Hernan and his alumni and takes place in a magical mountain environment around a crystal-clear lake, surrounded by friendly alpacas and majestic condors. This initial contact with the medicine will allow you to experience a loving connection with Pachamama and all creation as ONE. The second ceremony towards the end of the retreat will allow you to have an even deeper and more introspective healing experience and will be conducted at our beautiful and peaceful retreat space.

  • POWERFUL SITES: Through our guided visits of ancient Inca ruins and most spectacular sites of the Sacred Valley (Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Maras and Moray) you will learn about the country's enchanting and haunting history. You will feel the strength of this land as one of the most powerful energetic centers of the world and connect to the spirit of the people and ancient ways of living. Please inform us if you are interested in booking an optional tour toMachu Picchu subsequent to the


  • PURIFICATION AND SOUND HEALING: Musical vibrations such as kirtan with heart opening pure cacao and medicine music will further support your soul and energetic body in the healing and integration process. OurTemazcal (sweat lodge) ceremony to celebrate love, life, and eternity cleanses you off residual heavy energies and will make you feel like being newborn in the womb of Mother Earth.

  • DAILY YOGA/ MEDITATION: The opening of our energy channels and centres will be promoted by daily yogapractice (asanas and meditation) based on the classical Hatha Yoga tradition and Andean meditation. Each asana we will perform supports a different chakra opening and tangible connection with the elements. 

  • While our retreat focuses on the Andean Cosmovision and the indigenous sacred plant San Pedro/ Huachuma, you will have the option to also encounter traditional Amazonian medicine, such as the Master Plant Ayahuasca and the medicine of the Kambo frog:

    AYAHUASCA: An Ayahuasca session will be conducted at the end of the "core retreat" and will be accompanied by an integrative counselling session.
    KAMBO: We can facilitate 1-3 optional Kambo ceremonies throughout the retreat.​

    Please check out our retreat schedule at the following link: 

Living Conditions.


  • private room
  • shared rooms

Vegetarian Food

  • restaurant on site


  • None: Off the grid

Getting here.

We will pick you up from Cusco and take you /bring you back to the retreat center! 


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