A small piece of paradise hidden at the heart of the Amazon Rainforest.

9 Yoga Sessions

4 Meditation Sessions

Painting workshops with personal energy readings by our Maestra

Flower Baths for Energy Cleansing by our native Shaman

2 Shamanic Ceremonies

Jungle walks

A team 100% devoted to make your experience unique, help you to connect with nature and with yourself and get you started in your Inner Journey with peace, love and serenity.

Private eco friendly bungalows, vegan, vegetarian and personalized menus.


Days start with Sunrise Yoga Session, followed by a hearty breakfast. After breakfast the painting workshop will allow you to discover natural pigments used by the indigenous local tribes, and make your own design with them. Our local Maestra will read your energy in the lines of the drawings and make a personal interpretation with you. Lunch is served afterwards, followed by some personal relaxing time. In the afternoon you will have a flower bath for energy cleansing, with our native Shaman. If there is ceremony, we will also practice some meditation and you will have a personal interview with the Shaman before the ceremony. If there is no ceremony, we will go for a Sunset Yoga session and a night jungle walk or just chill and play songs by the bonfire. 


  • Groups no bigger than 7 participants.
  • Personalized attention

Living Conditions.


  • private room

Omnivore Food

  • over 80% locally sourced
  • restaurant on site


  • slow: emails only

Ongoing classes

  • yoga
  • meditation
    1-2 times per week
  • plant medicine
    1-2 times per week

Getting here.

We are located near the city of Iquitos, Peru. There are daily flights from Lima. We recommend to plan your arrival to Iquitos at least one day day before the start of your Retreat, and the departure flight at least one day after the end of your Retreat.
Once in Iquitos we offer a free pick up service to Naturalia. After your time with us, we will drop you off at Iquitos City.


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