Dear Tribe, travelers & Soul Finders, we are honored to invite you to a once in a lifetime adventure of pure being and celebration.

Join us for a 4-day journey deep into our roots, back to our authentic movement and freedom. We will go on a journey of live music & ecstatic dance with sound healing and Cacao ceremonies, deep inspiring workshops and earth’s elements rituals by amazing facilitators.

Surrounded by THE AMAZING NATURE of a very unique Eco-Spirit Community INANITAH, an ecological paradise, alive in the heart of two volcanos, on the breathtaking tropical island of Ometepe in Nicaragua.

This is a unique opportunity to experience a Community gathering based on the 4 Elements, Earth -EARTH - WATER - FIRE - AIR. With live improvised music to reconnect to Pachamama in the "here and now" and to feel the unity of all of us together as ONE BIG CIRCLE OF CREATION. 


Join Us For:

  • Live Music and Dance Sessions
  • Yoga & Acro Yoga
  • Tantric Rituals
  • Ecstatic Dance
  • Singing Circles
  • Cacao Ceremonies
  • Sound Healing
  • Kidz Zone
  • Element Ceremonies
  • Tree Planting Ceremony
  • Local & Natural Foods by Local Women's Cooperatives
  • Healing Zone
  • Garbage Upcycling
  • Workshops

Also Offered Daily:

  • 2 daily locally sourced meals
  • Vendors from the Island selling local wares and foods
  • Access to the Spring-Fed Swimming Pool

The Facilitators:

KULAM project (Israel, Argentina)
Website: www.kulamproject.com
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuNZrjZMhqwQvTnWjD2j02g
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/kulamproject
Instagram: www.instagram.com/kulam_project

Mose ∞ (Guatemala/USA)
Website: https://www.mosemusic.com
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/deejaymose

Gaia Ma (Nicaragua/USA) - https://gaiagasm.com/

*More facilitators to be announced.



The ceremony and the dance area is a No Talking Zone

This is an alcohol and substance Free Event

There will be designated smoking areas - smoke in these areas only

Ecological Integrity - The InanItah Fire Season community makes a commitment to radical ecological integrity. Please plan to be self-responsible in managing any single-use plastics and other garbage that you bring onsite. You will have the opportunity to create eco-bricks with your garbage or to pay for disposal service. Also please bring natural soaps and non-toxic skin and hair products. Some products will be available for purchase.

Do you have a question or want to collaborate? Visit InanItah.com or reach out to 4ecstatic@gmail.com for more information. 


  • Live orchestra playing improvised music
  • Locally sourced cacao and ecstatic dance
  • Fresh farm to table food
  • Spring-fed pool and lounge area
  • Tantric rituals and workshops
  • Meet people from all over the world
  • Experience the magic and history of Ometepe Island
  • Local Food Vendors

Living Conditions.


  • hammocks
  • tent camping
  • shared rooms
  • private room

Vegetarian Food

  • over 80% locally sourced
  • communally cooked meals
  • communal kitchen access


  • fast: streaming video

Ongoing classes

  • dance
  • yoga
  • breathwork
  • permaculture

Getting here.

Getting here from Managua Airport:

You can also take a taxi directly from the airport to San Jorge. The cost should be about $50 to $60. If you plan to take a taxi, let us know in advance, and we can arrange for one to pick you up.

From San Jorge to Moyogalpa:

At the ferry dock in San Jorge, you will find that there are a variety of boats that can take you to and from the island. Some are small wooden boats (lancha), and then there are also the larger ferryboats. They run almost every hour starting at 7:00 am until noon, then there is a ferry at 2:30, lancha at 3:00, lancha at 4:00, and the final ferry at 5:40. Minor changes to the schedule happen frequently, so check online if you can. Otherwise, be sure that until around 5:30 there is always one coming. There are sometimes changes to the ferry schedule.

From Moyogalpa to InanItah:

A taxi costs $30 if you are traveling with more than 2 people in the car taxi drivers will charge extra . Many of the taxi drivers on the island don’t know where we are located and don’t have a car that can handle our road so to avoid complications it is best to contact us and we can arrange a taxi for you from the ferry. You can also call Norvin directly at 8831-6309 and he will bring you here for $30. If you decide to arrange your own taxi from Moyogalpa, have the taxi driver call us for directions and be sure the driver has a 4WD vehicle.


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