R E W I L D Nicaragua March 2020

Are you interested in Natural Building? Living Off-Grid? Implementing Permaculture? Learning self-reliance? Meeting conscious nomads who want to make a difference?

Rise with the early morning call of our howler monkeys, start the day slow with yoga in our temple space, live barefoot for 5 days, learn to build with bamboo, make cob & eco-bricks. Step out of your COMFORT ZONE & live simply with natures cycles.

We want you to walk away empowered and perhaps questioning Western society’s relationship with the natural world. In this rural and rustic setting you will have a sensory immersion, we encourage you to connect with your primal self and invite in humbling wisdom and deeper appreciation for Gaia.

There will be one 'Rule', and this is the choice to DISCONNECT. We will offer to keep your phone for you for the duration of the event, giving you the opportunity to be truely present.

Daily meditations, yoga practice, 3 meals per day, and projects for you to spend time on, but you are also free to spend as much time with yourself as you choose. On the farm there will be plenty of spaces to “ground down” and connect with yourself, each other, and the land.


This event is a BYOS (bring your own shelter) event. We have plenty of covered space for tents and hammocks & any other type of shelter we can help you set up in a cosy spot around the property. .We can offer you outdoor jungle showers, composting toilets, and a space to do yoga and meditation (in our temple!). It will be the dry season in Nicaragua, meaning hot dry days & cooler in the evenings (very minimal chance of rain).

Food & Water: We provide the food! Yes!! We will provide all meals during the gathering, you can expect delicious meals full of love, with locally sourced fruits and vegetables. Our meals are primarily vegetarian, and mostly vegan. We can accommodate some dietary restrictions.

Breakfasts will consist of fresh fruit, while lunches and dinner will likely consist of rice and beans with vegetables. We will provide drinking water.

Full Disclosure*** this is not for those looking for a luxury retreat, this is a hands-on & physical experience, a grounding & humbling gathering with little to zero luxuries, we sleep outside, cook on a grill with fire, most days we will be getting down & dirty building. And thats the way we like it!


Daily Flow

6.30am – Meditation

7am – Yoga

8am – Breakfast

9am – 12pm – Projects/Activities

12pm – Lunch

1pm – 4pm – Time to self-reflect, siesta, chat, choose your own adventure

4pm – 7pm – Projects

7pm – Dinner

Day 1:

Morning: Opening Ceremony, Farm Tour & Living Off Grid Basics Introduction

Afternoon: Intro to making cob for natural building

Day 2:

Morning: Building with Eco-Bricks a revolutionary resource

Afternoon: Experiment building with Cob + Eco-Bricks

Day 3:

Morning: All hands & techniques to build

Afternoon: Tentative Plans

Evening: Cacao Ceremony

Day 4:

Morning: Tentative Plans

Afternoon: All hands & techniques to build

Day 5: Food Forest Tour - With our local friend & farmer Don Pedro, we believe his farm is one of the best examples of permaculture & agroforestry in Nicaragua. 

Facilitated by:

Natural Builder & Property Owner - Brendan Mahoney

Natural Builder, Permaculture Designer & Environmentalist - Sarah Lale Bilsel

Yoga Instructor & Reiki Healer - Chelsea Amber


  • Food Forest Tour
  • Natural Building
  • Learn to make Cob
  • Building with Bamboo
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Daily Yoga

Living Conditions.


  • hammocks
  • tent camping

Vegetarian Food

  • communally cooked meals
  • over 80% locally sourced


  • None: Off the grid


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