Conscious Touch, Sensuality, Deep Honesty & Tantra Temple Rituals

Are you longing for deep intimacy, playful and meaningful encounters, expressing yourself authentically and with ease?

Do you wish for more clarity in sensual interactions through honoring your desires and boundaries and feel more vibrant?

Would you like to feel closer to people and at the same time you are scared of getting in contact?

The 3 Day Retreat is specially designed to get you more in touch with your authentic being, your playful self. You empower yourself to act from a place of love, freedom, and honesty. With the support of simple and direct practices, you will experience a more joyful, exciting and easy way of being and relating.

In this 3 day Retreat, you will experience powerful practices to:

Create authentic intimacy

  • Give and receive nourishing and healing touch.

  • Get great at asking for your desires and taking care of your boundaries

  • Feel more alive, joyful and playful

  • Interact with others more honestly and naturally

As a group, we will raise together in our awareness and create a transforming and safe container to deal with, to allow and to feel your way through everything that arises. Through allowing yourself to fully feel, you connect to your embodied wisdom, your intuition. You use your embodied wisdom to build trust in yourself.

You will learn and experience radically new and authentic ways of relating to yourself and the people you would like to relate to. With the ongoing out loud meditation of Radical Honesty you will notice that intimacy is a practice - and you can decide how deep you want to go - from moment to moment.


Conscious Touch is a simple and direct way to nourish yourself and create healing experiences in relation to others and to re-connect to your natural aliveness, sensuality, eros, and pleasure. To connect deeper to your unconditional love and your natural sensuality, we combine Conscious Touch and elements of the Tantric Massage.

Practicing the Wheel of Consent guides you into more clarity about your automatic roles you play in intimate encounters and will give you amazing tools for more clarity in feeling and expressing your desires and boundaries - as well as to create more lightness, playfulness and deeper intimacy.

Dance, movement & embodiment practices will connect you directly to your body, to your flow. Your body is the key to greater aliveness & pleasure in your life.

Deep Honesty is based on the practice of Radical Honesty and helps you to be more present and direct and to get out of self-made misery. You use honesty to create deeper intimacy and empower yourself to create the life you want. Simple tools will guide you out of your head into heart-touching connection. Radical Honesty is a direct pathway to radical self-empowerment and freedom.

Tantric Temple Rituals connect you to your love and power. They are sacred & safe playgrounds to create new and nourishing experiences for you. Rituals are powerful and transformative to support you in your expansion and to get over old patterns that don't serve you anymore.

Who is this for?
This workshop is for singles & couples, beginners & advanced and any sexual orientation and gender that wishes to deepen their connection to their inner wisdom and enter into a path of more awareness, freedom and love in their lives.

Inanitah Community (in water season) on Isla de Ometepe - Nicaragua
www.inanitah.com | https://www.facebook.com/pg/inanitahwaterseason

InanItah is a place for people to learn about regenerative and conscious living through practical experience. It is a living and learning environment and a place to immerse yourself in communal living. We value interdependent cooperative living and the practice of sharing communal work as teachers on our path of evolution.

Costs, Accommodation & Booking:

To attend this Retreat, you can stay at Inanitah as a visitor or volunteer. Different accommodation and price options are available.

230 USD + accommodation


Accommodation according to availability. Please book in advance to secure your desired accommodation. Accommodation price includes 3 vegan meals/day, all freshly made from local sources.

Private cabin: 40 USD / night

Dormitory: 30 USD / night

​Rented tent with mattress: 27 USD / night

Own tent: 25 USD / night

Book your desired accommodation directly at:


​Listed prices are for visitors according to http://www.inanitah.com/living/visiting-us/

Questions about the Retreat:

Content of the Retreat:


About accommodation & booking:


About Michael Kreuzwieser:

Michael creates transformational spaces of deep intimacy and honesty to support you in stepping into your self-love, freedom and vibrant life. He combines simple and powerful practices of embodiment, Tantra, Conscious Touch and Radical Honesty.

He has a gentle, loving and playful way to guide intimate group process. His passion is to support people to embody their authentic self, to be courageous and to take full responsibility for their life.

Michael has been working for several years with somatic coaching body. He is a trained tantric massage therapist and a Forrest™ Yoga teacher. He has been teaching embodiment practices, Tantra, Conscious Touch, and honest communication for several years. Actually he is in training to become a Radical Honesty Trainer.(www.radicalhonesty.com)



  • Conscious Touch
  • Dance, movement & embodiment practices
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Tantra Temple Rituals
  • Deep Honesty
  • Vegan, locally sourced yummi food
  • Pool & hot tube
  • Community experience
  • Amazing views
  • Offgrid, solar powered & water directly from a vulcano waterfall

Living Conditions.


  • tent camping
  • shared rooms
  • entire house

Vegan Food

  • communally cooked meals
  • over 80% locally sourced


  • fast: streaming video

Getting here.

Please read detailed instructions on the Inanitah website:


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