Enjoy 10 days with us learning the ins and outs of working with natural finishes. This workshop will focus on sculpting and plastering our outdoor kitchen. You will have the opportunity to explore your artistic side as we sculpt, plaster and paint our new kitchen. Learn about earthen and lime plasters and how to make your own paint. There will plenty of opportunities to get your hands (and feet) dirty in the mornings and afternoons will be spent in the classroom exploring the technicalities and philosophies of natural plasters and paints.

​There is nothing more satisfying than building something with your own two hands. Modern building styles leave little room for the self built home. However, using age old techniques employing natural materials it is possible to construct your own home with your own two hands from materials plentifully available in nature. Examples of these types of homes old and new can be found all over the world and up until the last 100 years this was the standard of building. Earth, stone, wood, straw - this is what you use to build a home. 

We are passionate about building in harmony with nature. Living on Ometepe, our environment dictates the materials we use. Rocks abound on our property, so we have dry stack rock foundations. Our soil contains a lot of clay, our neighbors grow rice and produce straw as a by product, so we build with cob. Bamboo grows plentifully so we work with bamboo both structurally and for finishing work. We source all our materials from here on the island and hope with time to be able to provide more from directly of the property. ​

For seven years we have been learning how to build in the tropics. Trevor has applied his background in Engineering to tackle challenges big and small that we've encountered along the way. We've explored bamboo, cob walls, earth plaster, adobe floors, earthen mortar, lime mortar, lime plaster, natural paint, natural roofs, composting toilet systems, cob ovens and more. We want to share the knowledge we have gained to enable others to lead a more natural life in a harmonious home. ​


  • Learn to build with cob
  • Cob oven, rocket stove, smoke box
  • Off grid living
  • Jungle permaculture

Living Conditions.


  • shared rooms
  • private room

Omnivore Food

  • restaurant on site


  • fast: streaming video


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