Our 10 week Sustainable Living Course offers a compelling menu of hands-on, experiential learning modules covering seven core areas plus your personal research project. Course participants enjoy  healthy organic lunches, lots of fun, some of the best learning needed to survive and thrive in the 21st Century.  

The course covers the following modules taught by world class tutors:
Personal Well-Being - John Massey
Permaculture Design - Robina McCurdy
Organic Food Growing - Sol Morgan
Sustainable Eating - Kerryn Easterbrook
Natural Building - TBA
Resilient Community - Robina McCurdy
Project Management & Sustainable Business - Zahra Lightway
Personal Project - Mentored by all tutors and some community members.

Watch our video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/1DTRT-zJrhE

This course is the most comprehensive of its kind. You will earn your International Permaculture Design Certificate & Sustainable Living Certificate.

Visit our website for more details: www.your-sustainable-life.com


The daily rhythm begins with a check in and centering exercise at 8:45 am followed by morning activities which depend on the tutor. In Natural Building, over the course of the ten weeks, you will learn different types of mud building techniques. The tutor, will deliver direct highly focused instruction followed by hands on building. Organic Growing tutor, Sol Morgan, will give each group of students a plot of land to grow on so all learning can be immediately applied. In Permaculture Design, Robina McCurdy, excels at teaching using models, field trips, individual and group exercises. Personal Wellbeing lessons are at the end of the day on a Wednesday. You may find yourself doing yoga, breathwork, reflexology, chanting or meditation. Headed by John Massey, this module is also taught by many local experts in their field providing you the opportunity to get to know the local community. The 30 or so field trips into the community will enhance this connection and give you a real experience of the Golden Bay region which is truly beautiful. In Sustainable Eating, you will preserve foods that are in season and learn how to prepare healthy eating options as well as explore sustainable eating and what it means. Project Management & Sustainable Business is the container for your personal project. Zahra Lightway will guide you with tools for managing a project or starting a business. This module includes both full day instruction with time to work on projects and short sharp hack intensives where all students focus on one person's project and help them hack any obstacles they have come up against.

Morning and afternoon tea are served daily and a gorgeous vegan lunch is served from 12 to 1. The day ends at 5 pm. We have had students from 13 different countries of all ages from 22 to 76. Everyone spends a lot of time together and forms a family that nurtures them. The course ends with an overnight retreat in nearby Mangarakau on the rugged West Coast of the South Island.

You will love Golden Bay.

(Please note accommodations options are not included in the pricing.)


  • World class tutors
  • Diverse international student body of all ages
  • Amazing vegan lunches
  • Personal growth & transformation
  • A new direction & renewed hope for the world
  • An opportunity to bring your dreams to life
  • Golden Bay natural paradise of beaches, rivers, mountains and fresh artisanal water
  • Our Golden Bay Community

Living Conditions.


  • tent camping
  • shared rooms


  • fast: streaming video

Ongoing classes

  • permaculture
    3-5 times per week
  • meditation
    3-5 times per week

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Sustainable Living Course - March - May 2020

Food included
Course Fees $2710 - $3475
Lunch included.
Accommodation extra
Contact us for exact pricing!

Sustainable Living Course - March - May 2020

Food included
Course Fees: $2710 - $3475


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