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Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremony w/Accommodations

Food included
This initial ceremony can last between 8-12 hours and a full itinerary and location details will be included and emailed to you upon payment and confirmation. Please be advised the times listed for the ceremonial agenda can and is often slightly modified as we move into the journey due to the more specific needs of the group as a whole. We try to plan as best as possible but group participants at times require slight modification.

Your Ceremony cost is regular $488 per person (refundable per our refund policy).

Additional ceremonies are discounted at 20% off your original ceremony price when reserved in advance with a $100 USD paid deposit VIA PayPal or Venmo. Remaining balance is encouraged to be paid in cash currency of USD at time of ceremony.

We provide you with full overnight accommodations.
Includes fresh fruit, vegetables, yogurt, fresh bread

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Past Life Regression Private 3 Hour Session

What is Past Life Regression Therapy?

A branch of hypnotherapy, past life regression therapy regresses clients back in time to one or more past lives. Why? This regression helps clients confront unresolved trauma or conflict so that they can move on.

By resolving trigger events from a past life, clients get relief from:

crippling fears
illogical behavior patterns
self-destructive behaviors
eating disorders
and many more conditions
Many psychotherapists have turned to past life regression therapy. Why? For its ability to help clients overcome deep psychological trauma. It allows clients to quickly connect with buried traumas and issues.

Traditional psychotherapy treatments can take many months to produce results. But past life regression therapy clients see results within one to three sessions.

That makes it an appealing therapy that saves time and money. The sooner a practitioner finds the root cause of a client’s difficulty, the sooner that client can heal.

How Does It Differ from Other Forms of Therapy?

Past life regression therapy relies on a basic premise. Unresolved events from our past continue to affect us in the future.

To overcome these negative effects, we must recognize and work through the root cause. Only then, can we move on and take control of our lives. As Dr. Morris Netherton puts it, “Past lives therapy allows you to stop doing things to people because you have to and to start doing things with people because you want to.”

Getting to a root cause buried in the subconscious is not a belief unique to past life regression therapy. It’s a cornerstone theme of psychotherapy and many psychological theories, too. But here’s where differences emerge…

Traditional psychotherapies focus on traumas from this life. But past life regression practitioners go to the source. Even if this means regressing through multiple past lives.

Overcoming Past Traumas for a Brighter Future

Past traumas re-emerge when a current event or person triggers them. Then, you find yourself reacting to situations in a way that you can’t explain. That may even go against your personality or upbringing.

While you may feel confounded by these actions, a visceral urge drives you to proceed… Or, you may just feel completely out-of-control and bewildered.

Sadly, these uncharacteristic reactions can cause serious damage. We may end up engaging in self-destructive behavior or undermining our goals and hopes. We can see how futile all of this is and still remain unable to change our behaviors.

Interactions with other people often trigger these past feelings and associations. For example, have you ever met someone that you took an instant, unexplainable dislike towards? Or, perhaps someone else that you felt an immediate connection to — as if you’d known them before?

Psychotherapy and past life regression therapy both look to resolve baggage from the past. This baggage remains harmful in the present, and so it must get unpacked and processed.

But past life regression practitioners go much deeper. They take clients across planes of time and space to uncover long-buried traumas.

But What If I Don’t Believe in Past Lives?

You don’t actually have to believe in past lives to reap the benefits of past life regression therapy. In fact, this therapy can be just as healing for those who stick firmly to the belief of one life. But how is this possible?

The stories that emerge during past life regression therapy can be interpreted in many ways:

historical fact
metaphoric life lessons
evidence of a collective consciousness
undiscovered scientific phenomena
For those who prefer to see the revelations as symbolic, the message contains just as much power and clarity. The same goes for those who rationalize this therapy as a way to tap into a collective consciousness.

Perhaps someday in the near future, science will shed more light on the cause and effect. As Dr. Oz notes, “Imagine that existence is really a series of shower curtains, each of which is a dimension, and sometimes those dimensions just ever so daintily touch and when they touch, weird things happen.”

No matter how clients rationalize past life regression, the effects can’t be denied. Past life regression therapy clients see faster results than psychotherapy clients. And many trained and licensed psychotherapists now offer past life regression therapy, too.

But How Does It Work?

Past life regression therapy takes clients back to events causing them discomfort on a subconscious level. Practitioners refer to this root cause as the “original activating event.” But why is regression needed at all?

Your subconscious mind stores these memories. And you can’t access them with your conscious, waking mind.

To connect to your subconscious mind, you must be in a hyper-relaxed state. Regression puts you in this state in a practical, repeatable way.

How does a practitioner put a client into this relaxed state? A state where subconscious thoughts and feelings flow freely? Most past life regression practitioners use hypnosis.

Hypnosis leads the client into a gentle, meditative mood. Some practitioners supplement hypnosis with guided imagery and other relaxation techniques. These techniques all stem from traditional psychotherapy and represent ways to access subconscious memories.

So, what happens once the original activating event is discovered? A psychotherapist will work with you to bring conscious awareness to these targeted memories. Practitioners have a whole arsenal of tools to aid clients in overcoming emotional and traumatic barriers.

Other Reasons to Seek Past Life Regression

You don’t have to be in the throes of self-sabotaging behavior to seek help. And you don’t need to be waist-deep in past traumas either.

Curiosity is enough to spark a consultation. Past life regression therapy offers many benefits. It helps those looking for answers or greater self-understanding.

What’s more, past life regression therapy can uncover the past lifetimes that you’ve shared with your current loved ones. Therapy sessions that delve into these soul connections prove comforting for those mourning a loved one. They provide clients with reassurances that they will see each other again in futures yet to come.

If you led a past life filled with much happiness or success, basking in those memories can be very healing, too. You’ll enjoy the pleasure of re-experiencing the highlights of those forgotten times. And you’ll gain a confidence boost.

This type of session can help you cope with trying times in your current life.

Past life regression therapy can also assist you in getting in touch with your strengths and talents. By rediscovering past accomplishments and successes, you can carry them into your present. Delving into past lives can provide you with direction, purpose, and clarity.

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