This is no ordinary tour, this is a SACRED SOUNDING retreat. Guided by Erin Sunniva and Stellar, Priestesses of the Divine Feminine, we will be activating ourselves and the land through the power of our voices.  Our time at each sacred site will include honoring rituals and ceremonies to open us and the land to the New Earth energies needed at this time. Our work together and individually cultivates a field of potential and alignment with the Highest Good and the Divine Plan. 

The first 5 days we will immerse ourselves in the magic of North Western Ireland, County Sligo, offering endlessly mysterious and powerful Neolithic ruins and Megalithic sites. The soft green earth, will embrace your heart to return to the essence of place your ancestors once knew. 

Once we have rewoven ourselves within the sweet earth of the Isle, we will join Anthony Murphy, a local Irish journalist, photographer, author and astronomer, in Ireland’s Ancient East, the Boyne Valley, County Meath. 


We will walk through rich stories and wonders of the Neolithic tribes, ancient astronomers and their creations, their monuments to the dead and alignments to the stars, our ancestors walking beside us.

The Divine Mother thrives here and Her heart ripples out all over the earth. Some say it is part of Atlantis that never sank. 

True magic exists here. 

 Come with an open heart to remember all that you are and integrate with intention and support of a loving circle. The standing stones, the ancient mounds and sweet voices in the mysteries are our teachers, guiding us back to our Sovereign truth.
Come, retrieve your lost parts, call your soul home into you full and integrate the power of the Earth into your path and your life. 

You are ready, you deserve this, and you are needed at this time. 

Blessed Be


Places we will visit 

County Sligo: 


Maeve's Tomb


The Wild Atlantic Way

Voya Seaweed Baths

Cabragh Retreat Lodge

County Meath:

Hill of Tara





and more!

Your Facilitators:
Erin Sunniva McHugh

Founder, Divine Singing, Ireland’s Ascendants

Sacred Songstress and ordained Priestess of the Goddess Isis, Erin Sunniva McHugh walks the path of the Divine Feminine in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene and her Celtic/Druid Ancestors. Erin Sunniva specializes in Spiritual Alchemy, healing on the soul level, and offers mentorship and intuitive coaching sessions supported by a comprehensive range of tools including Hypnotherapy, Tarot (accessing the Akashic Field), ceremony/ritual, and sound healing. She uses her extensive experience and initiations in personal development and spiritual life guidance to support others in living the best life, especially helping women realize and embody the Divine Feminine Sophia Principle within them. Owner of Divine Singing, co-founder of the Temple of the Rose, Erin Sunniva creates healing music, teaches online courses in Spiritual Alchemy, leads workshops around the world, mentors initiates in the Priestess Path, and co-facilitates sacred pilgrimages to Ireland, the UK, and France. www.divinesinging.com

Stellar Fairbairn, Sacred Songstress

Stellar Fairbairn is a sacred songstress, Facilitator of Inner Truth, Occasional Teacher, Visionary Healer, Evolutionary Guide and facilitator of sacred and high initiatory experiences, who uses sound and frequency to activate and initiate from the lineage of the Magdalene and The Rose. She also performs in the mainstream, however prefers to follow her heart’s work in 432Hz.
She has the ability to sing in the Language of Light and many star languages and also the ability to sing through dimensions, bringing through and emanating star and light codes from her voice. She is an Ambassador of both the Sirian and Andromedan High Councils and a representative of 12 of the Office of the Christ Council on Earth. Stellar has recorded at many sacred sites around the world, including the great pyramid in Egypt.
You can hear some of Stellar’s sound work here: http://stellar1.bandcamp.comand http://www.stellar-music.com

Anthony Murphy

Founder, Mythical Ireland

Anthony Murphy is a journalist, photographer, author and astronomer who lives in Drogheda, at the gateway to Ireland’s historic Boyne Valley. He has spent almost 20 years researching, photographing and writing about the ancient megalithic monuments of the Boyne Valley and their associated mythology, cosmology and alignments. He is the author of five books, including the acclaimed Island of the Setting Sun: In Search of Ireland’s Ancient Astronomers (with Richard Moore), Newgrange: Monument to Immortality and Mythical Ireland: New Light on the Ancient Past. His works of fiction are a novella called Land of the Ever-Living Ones and a short novel called The Cry of the Sebac. Anthony has appeared many times on television as an expert on Newgrange and the monuments and indeed astronomy, and he has featured in newspaper, magazine and news media articles around the world. He regularly gives talks about his research and also leads private tours of the monuments. He is a member of the Independent Tour Guides Association.


  • Reconnect to the Earth through sacred sound and ceremony
  • Experience shamanic journeying for Ancestral Healing
  • Restore yourself in a steaming saltwater and seaweed baths
  • Connect with the ancients at pre-Celtic (Neolithic) Sacred Sites
  • Learn how to be your own Sound Healer using your Divine True Voice
  • Experience the wonderful generosity that is the Irish Spirit!

Living Conditions.


  • shared rooms
  • private room

Vegetarian Food

  • communal kitchen access
  • communally cooked meals


  • slow: emails only

Getting here.

Book your flight to Dublin or meet the group and receive shuttle transportation to the retreat center (2.5 hours drive). Schedule to arrive or meet group morning of July 21. Departure from Dublin on evening of July 28th or morning of 29th. 


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