Join us for this pre-Cosmic Convergence Bioconstruction Workshop to learn how to use sustainable materials for social good!

Bio Constructions is part of the Journey, a series of opportunities to explore Guatemala’s beauty, brought to you by Cosmic Convergence Festival, EcoEscuela ComUnidad, El Arte del Bambú, Jan Bilbaligo, Vicente Cuc, Firefly Gardens and Synaptica Project. 

The workshop will take place in Santiago Atitlan at the amazing location of Cosmic Convergence Festival.


Come and learn how to build with Bamboo and Natural materials!

Mobile, Modular, Reciprocal Structures, Zome and Yurtas will host Journey Portal and vendor village, the activities and workshops's areas during Cosmic Convergence Festival.

The experience Includes:

1) 15 days theory and practice of natural building

2) Architectural and structural design with bamboo and wood (Modular and reciprocal structures, dome, zome, yurtas)

3) Knots and splices in bamboo, metal and rope.

4) Immunization and treatment of bamboo

5) Co-creation of a festival and Decorative uses of natural materials, palms , natural fibers etc.

6) Realization of bamboo objects.

7) Pdf materials about Natural architecture.

8) Full immersion in Mayan culture: tipical food, Mayan building teachers and techniques, locally sourced materials , local Mayan architectures.

9) Social bioconstruction and volunteering opportunities.

10) Visit in San Pablo to meet the community and discover local and bamboo architectures.

Plus (included in the price):

~ Ticket access to Cosmic Convergence Festival after the Journey.

~ Breakfast, lunch and dinner coocked by local Mayan women during the Journey.

~ Rent of tent, sleeping mat, blanket and pillow during the Journey (where it applies).

~  Camping site in the production and crew house.

~ Transport tickets to visit San Pablo la Laguna.

Support the local indigenous community of San Pablo la Laguna through your experience.

Make a positive impact in Mayan communities,
transforming natural building from festival structures to indigenous community projects.

Money raised and bamboo used will be fully donated to build eco-rooms for the children of the primary school in San Pablo la Laguna, the most critical town around Lake.

In this moment, the school we are going to improve is made of two concrete buildings facing each other with a concrete basketball court in the middle. The structure is overloaded with around 1340 students from primary and secondary classes.

Together with local builders, teachers and directors, we want to build the last floor of the main building with bamboo and other natural materials. We want to give those students an area where nature, art and local culture can find a safe space from the concrete jungle they calls development. 

The ticket cost of workshop will be fully donated to this project.


JAN BALBALIGO (Philipine/ UK): Bamboo, carpintery & green architecture
GAIA VERTANI (Colombia): Yurts, nomad structures & community
VICENTE CUC (Indigenous Guatemala ): Bamboo building & Mayan architectures
IVAN DAVILLA (Guatemala): Design of bamboo lamps, pergolas, objects.
SELVA BHAIRAVI (Italia): Decorative uses of natural materials & weaving
AGOSTINO GIANNETTI (Italia): Social impact of bio-construction & volunteering opportunities around Lake Atitlan.

FIREFLY GARDENS (Canada): Earth, bottles and benches. An introducion to earth building.



General Schedule:

8am-  Breakfast

9am-  Start of activities

1pm-  Lunch

2pm-  Afternoon activities

6pm-  Closing activities

7:00 pm-  Dinner

8 pm-  Evening Talk

What you will build

Modular structures - Yurta - Zome - Dome - Reciprocal roof - Bamboo furniture and objects - Cob benches and bottles/cob walls - Natural festival decorations

Evening Talks:  

Transformative learning in with Gaia

Green and bamboo architecture with Jan

Cutting and Immunization Knots and moorings natural with Vicente and Jan

Splices with bamboo with Vicente

Yurt and mobile structures with Gaia

Zome and Dome with Gaia and Ivan

Furniture and handicrafts with bamboo pieces with Ivan

Natural Roofs with Gaia

Scenery decoration with natural materials  by Selva. 

Social impact of bioconstruction in vulnerable communities and volunteer opportunities around Lake Atitlan with Agostino.


  • Learn how to build with bamboo
  • Architectural Design
  • Social impact with architecture.
  • Realize bamboo objects
  • Day tour through local communities and bambu buildings around Lake Atitlan
  • Support indigenous community while learning
  • Build and enjoy Cosmic Convergence Festival
  • Organic festival decorations

Living Conditions.


  • tent camping

Vegetarian Food

  • communally cooked meals
  • communal kitchen access
  • over 80% locally sourced


  • None: Off the grid

Getting here.

FROM GUATEMALA CITY'S AIRPORT: Usually there are direct shuttles from the airport to Lake Atitlan (Panajachel and San Pedro la Laguna), from here there are boats/lanchas to Santiago Atitlan. You can also take a shuttle to Antigua and another one from there to Lake Atitlan.
Once in Santiago take a tuctuc (three wheels motorcycle used as public transport) to the festival groung (10 min ride which costs 10quetzales). All the tuctuc drivers know where the festival is located.

FROM ANTIGUA: Take a tourist shuttle to Panajachel (Pana). From there take a boat/lancha to Santiago Atitlan. From Santiago, its a 10min tuctuc ride to the festival ground (El Festival).

FROM ATITLAN San Marcos/San Pedro: make your way to San Pedro (via boat/lancha or tuctuc - best lancha), then cross San Pedro to the Santiago dock and take another boat to Santiago. Then jump in a tuctuc from there to festival grounds. 

FROM PANAJACHEL: Take a boat ride to Santiago, then a tuctuc ride (10mins) to festival grounds.

FROM MEXICAN BORDER: Get yourself to Lake Atitlan (San Pedro or Panajachel) and follow instructions from there

FROM MEXICO - SAN CRISTOBAL DE LAS CASAS: There is a direct tourist shuttle to Panajachel (10/12 hours). Once there follow instructions for Panajachel


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