This Permaculture Design Certification course is an in-depth, 80+ hours training in the theory and practice of Permaculture. Over two super fun weeks, participants will:

🌿 Receive the full curriculum as laid out by Bill Mollison and Dave Holmgren, the founders of Permaculture

🌿 Study with world class, international facilitators

🌿 Take part in hands-on, dynamic lessons in the field

🌿 Go on epic field trips to Permaculture sites throughout the region

🌿 Receive in-depth lectures and workshops

🌿 Study Permaculture in the rich biodiversity of Guatemala

🌿 Receive the internationally recognized Permaculture Design Certificate.

🌿 All food and lodging (over two sites) included.


Over the years we have crafted an in-depth, dynamic curriculum that we are very proud of. We cover all elements of permaculture, from its guiding ethics and principles to hands-on strategies of garden bed creation and soil loss prevention; from water management and use to food forests; from invisible structures and fair share to the implementation of successful permaculture-based enterprises; from integrated animal husbandry to natural building AND SO MUCH MORE!

* * *

The curriculum is divided into three areas: presentations, discussions, and class activities; hands-on practical site work and design; and field trips and excursions to regional Permaculture sites. Topics are covered in a variety of ways to support all learning styles.

Participants will spend the first week of the course at the Mesoamerican Permaculture Institute (IMAP) in San Lucas Toliman. IMAP is the original center of Permaculture in all of Guatemala, and works actively in community Permaculture, school gardens, and seed banks. In addition to the full Permaculture design curriculum, participants will receive a lesson on Mayan cosmovision and ancestral agriculture techniques while there. The second week takes place at Atitlan Organics, a 9 year old productive Permaculture farm in Tzununa. Atitlan Organics grows food for over 25 shops and restaurants throughout the Lake Atitlan region. All food and lodging over the two sites are included with the course.

Studying Permaculture in Guatemala offers amazing opportunities to learn from indigenous cultures, rich natural patterns, and enormous diversity. Permaculture in Central America is representative of the edge effect or Edge Valuing Principle of Design. As one of the world’s centres of biodiversity, Central America attracts people from all over the world interested in learning through nature. Permaculture practices and designs can be seen in action via the surviving indigenous traditions that are common here. Participants will discover great opportunities to learn from diverse groups of people in incredibly biodiverse natural settings. 


  • “I had the most amazing experience doing the 2 week PDC at Atitlan Organics. The lectures, experiential learning activities, accommodations, and food were all fantastic. The community was so diverse and welcoming and fosters an environment in which everyone truly wants to learn, share, grow, and make the earth a better place. I left feeling so inspired and empowered. I highly recommend Atitlan Organics and their PDC course to anyone who wants to learn amazing skills, gain a new perspective on our interactions with the land, and who wants to experience Guatemala in a completely unique and authentic way.” -Caroline, December 2018
  • All food and lodging included with the course
  • Epic field trips to Permaculture sites throughout the region!
  • World class facilitators
  • Super fun, in-depth classes and lectures!

Living Conditions.


  • shared rooms

Omnivore Food

  • over 80% locally sourced
  • restaurant on site


  • medium: voice calls (no video)

Getting here.

We are happy to arrange shuttles from the airport, Guatemala City, Antigua, or wherever. Just send us an email at info@atitlanorganics.com to let us know if you'd like this service.

Getting to IMAP in 4 easy steps:

1) Take a shuttle from the airport to Panajachel (3 hours, $25). 

2) From Panajachel you’ll take a public boat (“lancha”) to Santiago (40 minutes, Q25 – have exact change ready). There is no direct boat to San Lucas Tolimán. The last boat for Santiago leaves from Panajachel between 4.00pm and 5.00pm.

3) When you arrive in Santiago, walk up the hill and when you see a restaurant called El Pescador on the corner, go left to the end of the street. Here you can catch a pickup to IMAP / Pachitulul (20 minutes, Q5).

4) You will see a sign on your left-hand side after you pass the small town of Cerro de Oro that says IMAP / Pachitulul. Get off here. Walk 1 km down the path by the sign. IMAP will be on your left-hand side, across from the lakeshore.


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