Long Way Home’s Green Building Academy offers a variety of hands-on learning experiences that contribute to the development of present and future generations of skilled and socially responsible green builders. Academy graduates will emerge as ethical and creative change agents, conscious and culturally competent global citizens, and informed leaders doing their part to create a more sustainable world.

Participants will connect to their environment, and develop increased consciousness & competence relating to sustainability, environmental & ecological balance, and ethical & respectful community development. The Academy equips participants with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to apply their creativity to design and construction using sustainable, unconventional materials and low-impact methodologies with potential for off-grid implementation.



July 1 - 30, 2018

What we learn in the classroom we will apply in the construction of a new house for a local family with limited economic resources in San Juan Comalapa, Guatemala.
Hands-on/Lab: 120 hours
Classroom: 40 hours
Modules: Design, Earth, Structure, Power, Septic, Water
Materials: Tires, Eco-bricks, Glass bottles, Cob, Earthbags

While we recommend you gain full understanding of green building concepts in the full 30-day session, you are now able to join us for just 1-2 weeks at a time!


Week 1. Design (July 1-7)

How to Approach the Design of your Building
Passive Solar Design – Insulation and Thermal Mass

Week 2. Earth (July 8-14)
Understanding Earth
Testing Earth
Site Establishment and Foundations
Plasters and Mortar Mixes
Week 3. Structure (July 15-21)
Introduction to Cement and Concrete
Focus on Tire Construction
Focus on Arches, Vaults and Domes
Week 4. (July 22-30)
Off-Grid Energy as an Alternative to Centralized Energy Systems
How to Design your own Off-Grid Solar Energy System
Fundamentals of Water Management
Water Supply Management
Focus on Grey Water
Focus on Black Water
Focus on Pumps, Pipes and Tanks

Living Conditions.


  • shared rooms

Omnivore Food

  • communal kitchen access


  • medium: voice calls (no video)


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