Cosmic Convergence is a portal of entry to step into an emerging contemporary planetary tribal culture, and a platform for the expression of new and ancient ways of being.

Theme of 2019-2020


An annual gathering incorporating art, music, education for conscious living, and Mayan culture & traditions. It is a convergence of past, present, and future, envisioning the new paradigm of a technological-tribal society that is becoming more tangible each day. The objective is to expose the attendees to ancestral and post-industrial ways of living in order to provoke a shift in consciousness to rethink what lifestyles are possible today. The gathering forms part of an ongoing international tribal revival. The event is 100% non-profit and all proceeds go towards supporting social projects on Lake Atitlan, where we work with indigenous communities to grow a greener future.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Meade.

The systems that uphold contemporary industrial society are neither adequate nor future-ready. Simultaneously, there has never been a time where individuals and small communities have had more access to tools and technologies with the power to recode the operating systems that underpin this reality.

As the technological singularity approaches ever closer, we have the opportunity to code new systems of abundance. By remaining passive passengers on Spaceship Earth, we may encounter runaway artificial intelligence programmed to extract value from the material world, leading to the extinction of the human species.

Drawing from forgotten ancestral technologies and emerging breakthrough exponential technologies, our the power to recode the matrix draws from the Akashic records of the past, present, and future. By channeling information from the æther through neural networks and into the material realms, we can reshape the currents leading us through time and redirect them towards a future only limited by the boundaries of our collective imagination as a species.


Electronic & Live Music from Around the World - Visionary Art Gallery - Permaculture & Green Technology - Tribal & Primitive Skills - Yoga & Sacred Movement - Ceremony - Community Forum - Tea House - Mayan Traditional Medicine & Crafting

4 days of music on 3 stages - Psychedelic trance, digital cumbia, global bass, techno and house, live music, sound healing

4+ stages of workshops - yoga, tantra, permaculture, natural building, Mayan cultural activities and indigenous skills workshops, womens' workshops


  • people from over 100 countries
  • Connect with NuMundo ambassadors
  • get plugged into a global network of changemakers
  • Dance your butt off

Living Conditions.


  • tent camping
  • hammocks

Omnivore Food

  • restaurant on site


  • None: Off the grid

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International Ticket - November

Full entry ticket - international.

If the Festival is cancelled in whole, or in part, due to a Force Majeure Event (as defined below), You will not be entitled to a refund. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company may issue, at the Company’s sole and absolute discretion, a partial or full refund of Your Ticket, by accounting for, among other considerations, the extent and nature of the cancellation. A “Force Majeure Event” shall mean an act of God, act of terrorism, earthquake, wildfire, flood, tsunami, strike or other labor condition or dispute, an order or injunction of any court or administrative body or any other act of public authority, severe weather threatening the safety of Festival attendees or similar contingency or unexpected event, and any such occurrence beyond the reasonable control of Company. You understand that in all instances, the maximum remedy You may receive for any cancellation of any part of the Festival, if any, will be the face value of Your Ticket, excluding all fees and/or service charges paid by You in connection with the purchase of Your Ticket.

Entrada Latina - Noviembre

Entrada Latinoamericano - mes de Noviembre. Para ciudadanos de paises Latinoamericanos.

Si el Festival se cancela en su totalidad, o en parte, debido a un Evento de Fuerza Mayor (como se define a continuación), no tendrá derecho a un reembolso. Sin perjuicio de lo anterior, la Compañía puede emitir, a su exclusivo y absoluto criterio, un reembolso parcial o total de su Boleto, teniendo en cuenta, entre otras consideraciones, el alcance y la naturaleza de la cancelación. Un "evento de fuerza mayor" significará un acto de Dios, un acto de terrorismo, terremoto, incendio forestal, inundación, tsunami, huelga u otra condición o disputa laboral, una orden o mandato de cualquier tribunal u organismo administrativo o cualquier otro acto de autoridad pública. , el clima severo que amenaza la seguridad de los asistentes al Festival o una contingencia similar o un evento inesperado, y cualquier evento que esté más allá del control razonable de la Compañía. Usted comprende que, en todos los casos, el remedio máximo que puede recibir por cualquier cancelación de cualquier parte del Festival, si corresponde, será el valor nominal de su Boleto, excluyendo todas las tarifas y / o cargos de servicio pagados por usted en relación con el compra de su boleto.

Getting here.

Use this link to book your shuttle straight from Guatemala City Airport to the festival: https://numundo.org/booking/new/HkgLlbjuUX

Cosmic Convergence Festival is located outside Santiago Atitlan, on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. The closest airport is Guatemala City. From Guatemala City Airport, take a shuttle directly to Antigua Guatemala, and from there you can spend the night or walk into any travel agency to make arrangements to Lake Atitlan. From any town on Lake Atitlan, you can take a public or private boat to Santiago Atitlan. From Santiago Atitlan, hop in a "tuk tuk" taxi to "la festival" or "la Bahia."                                                                     By land from Mexico: from San Cristobal de las Casas, you can walk into any travel agency and take a shuttle directly to Lake Atitlan. From any town in Lake Atitlan, follow above directions.  Email info@cosmicconvergencefestival.org with any specific questions.


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