Are you serious about learning how to grow mushrooms? How about an Education Vacation to the mystical Lake Atitlan.

Fungi Academy is an unique environment to master the whole process of mushroom growing. From the spore to picking your fresh mushrooms, you will learn and apply many proven indoor and outdoor cultivation techniques.

Understand the mushroom growth cycle and grow large amounts of quality mycelium spawn. Learn to grow gourmet and medicinal mushrooms for food, for health or for profit.

Additionally to a mushroom cultivation school, you will be living in an intentional permaculture community. Fungi Academy is a hub for traveling permaculturists, musicians, mycologists, artists and many other amazing people. By spending 6 days together with everyone, away from distractions, you form relationships that last.


Day 1: Introduction

Day 2: Applied Mycology

Day 3: Laboratory Work & Setup

Day 4: Mushrooms & Permaculture

Day 5: Fungal Foods & Medicine

Day 6: Field Trip


  • Master the complete mushroom cultivation process
  • Learn and apply proven mushroom cultivation methods. Indoor and outdoor growing
  • Incorporate fungi to your Permaculture design. (Soil building, companion gardening, nutrition loop)
  • Live in a Permaculture community and make authentic connections with like-minded people
  • Experience authentic Mayan culture while staying by one of the most beautiful lakes on this planet
  • Loads of hands-on experience

Living Conditions.


  • shared rooms
  • tent camping

Vegetarian Food

  • communally cooked meals
  • communal kitchen access


  • medium: voice calls (no video)

Getting here.

On a Flying Carpet. Or alternatively, fly into Guatemala City Airport (GUA) and take a shuttle from there to Lake Atitlan, San Marcos la Laguna. Airport to Fungi Academy travel time is about 4h.


6-Day Mushroom Cultivation Course - December is currently offering the following opportunities:

  • Blogger/writer
  • Videographer
  • Video Editor


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