I invite you to a profound celebration of Life, a joyful journey that will open your heart! Most spiritual awakening experiences happen in the Spring, when we attune with the life force of mother Earth as she ascends through all the plants and flowers. 

I will playfully share with you the secrets of my own pathway, flowing with the harmonious rhythms of nature: Dance, Music, Voice, Meditation, Yoga and Rituals, surrounded by the wealth of Re-Green community and the prosperity of unspoiled nature around us.

If this call excites your spirit, you are welcome to join and plant the seeds of joy and passion in your soul!

Apostolia Papadamaki
The Happiness Retreat Founder & Teacher



Wednesday 1.5.2018

12.00-14.00 / Arrivals in Regreen
14.00 Lunch / Registrations
15.00 / Free time
18.00 / Sharing Circle & Spirit Contact Dance at the Maloca
20.00 / Flery & Christos, "parents" of Regreen presentation!
20.30 / Dinner
21.30 / at the hung out hub, share stories, laughter and chants.

Thursday 2.5.2019

08.30 / Yoga
10.30 / Breakfast -Brunch
12.00 / Water Ritual - Waterfall Excursion at Perithori village - Impulse Dance in the forrest.
16.00 Free time
19.00 / Dinner
20.30 / Fire Ritual - a circle of human hood around the open air fire, to share stories, laughter and chants.

Friday 3.5. 2019

08.30 / Silent walk & Yoga in Nature
10.30 / Breakfast
11.30 / Earth Ritual & Herbal plant workshop: The beauty of Spring herbs by Flery, we will make your own smudge stick to cleanse our home.
14.00 Lunch
15.00 Free time
17.30 -18.00
18.00 / Temazcal Steam bath Ritual
20.00 / Dinner
21.00 / at the hung out hub, share stories, laughter and chants.

Saturday 4.5.2019

08.30 / Yoga
10.30 Breakfast / Brunch
11.30 Hike to the Source & Impulse dance in Nature
15.00 Free Time
17.00 Floating Body & Water Dance in the natural pond of Regreen
20.00 Dinner
21.00 Hung out, singing and sharing.

Sunday 5.5.2019

08.00 Light Breakfast
09.30 - 12.00 Yoga & Closing Ritual
13.30 / Pizza party in the garden with home made –hand made Pizza (you can make your own!)
16.00 / Departure from Regreen


  • Regenerate your physical body - recharge your energy.
  • Be surrounded with the wealth of community, the abundance of nature, and the prosperity of fullfilment.
  • Learn simple rituals for a healthier and happier life.
  • Sing thankful songs and dance for all of creation and for life’s journey.
  • Connect with like minded people form around the world.
  • Tune in with the rhythms of Nature.
  • Practice gratitude and self-love.
  • Receive spiritual grounding.

Living Conditions.


  • shared rooms

Vegan Food

  • over 80% locally sourced
  • communal kitchen access


  • slow: emails only

Ongoing classes

  • breathwork
  • yoga
  • dance
  • meditation
  • plant medicine
    1-2 times per week

Getting here.

Going to Re-Green eco culture centre - From Athens, Greece

Carpooling (if there is space) with participants that travel from Athens)
We will organize our transfer in the best and more convenient way for everybody, sharing the transportation expenses.

Public Transportation
From the Athens Airport take the Airport Express Bus X93 that leaves at
approx. every 20 minutes from the Airport and go to the Kifisos
Intercity Bus Station (1h trip). At Kifisos catch a bus to Akrata which leaves almost every half hour (2hr trip). The Regreen team will pick you up from Akrata Village and take you to Regreen (30min drive) at a small cost.


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