The goal of our field volunteer program is to contribute to sustainable development in the area, and is part of the kalamos and Kastos sustainable development program.An important goal of this, is to help educate and inspire people with respect to sustainability and nature conservation. It is based in the Kalamos Island biological field station



  • The cost of the program is 20 euros per day or 600 euros per month(30 calendar day period)
  • The minimum amount of time a volunteer can stay with us is 15 calendar days
  • All necessary training and orientation including assistance where needed, is included.
  • Related transport in the general area of the project (Kalamos, Kastos and the satellite islands). Accommodation and other related facilities such as shared kitchen facilities, laundry and drying facilities, shared toilet and shower facilities access and also areas for for work. A basic housekeeping facility once a week is also included which also includes linen and bed sheet changes. Full access to wifi internet and computers is included. Τhere is no meal plan. Kalamos is in an area where food can be purchased easily from local shops, supermarkets etc. However, if you plan to come as a group (more than three people) then arrangements can potentially be made for a meal plan at an additional cost. Contact us to discuss further if you are interested in this option.
  • It is possible to conduct an undergraduate or postgraduate dissertation or thesis through participation in this program.


  • We are situated at the heart of the inner Ionian marine protected area, an area protected by several international treaties and designations that unfortunately exists only in paper in practice. Iconic megafauna such as monk seals, endangered species of dolphins, sea turtles and even whales come here in what is perhaps one of the most important fisheries of the Mediterranean.
  • The participant becomes immersed in Greek culture as ours is a grassroots project based in a Greek village(Kalamos in specific) and also learn Greek(we do a Greek language course with a certified teacher as part of our program)
  • The participant can potentially be involved in more than one of our activities.
  • The participant will become immersed in a multicultural work environment as we get people from many parts of the world coming to help us
  • The program id structured as a training through doing under the personal supervision of a mentor from the organisation and sometimes co-supervision with other people from other institutions or organisations
  • Participating in our field volunteer program gives the opportunity for an individual to become involved in one of the few truly grassroots biodiversity conservation projects in Greece
  • Other than gaining experience in things such as measuring animal populations during their time in our project volunteers or interns can gain valuable skills in things such as growing their own fruits and vegetables to statistical analysis and more
  • The place ,the climate and the scenery including the access to the beaches(we are 10 minutes walk from them) will surely be something that a volunteer will enjoy and remember after they leave
  • his is a very safe and comfortable location in an area which is touristic but also peaceful and secluded at the same time

Living Conditions.


  • shared rooms

Omnivore Food

  • communal kitchen access


  • fast: streaming video

Getting here.


Kalamos island can be conveniently accessed from a number of locations within Greece. If you are planning to come from a location other than the ones bellow please contact us so that we may help you

From Athens and Pireus

Go to the Kiffissos central bus station(KTEL) (Be careful, because there is another central bus station in Athens), go to the Aitoloakarnania ticket office and get a ticket to Mytikas.

Busses depart 07:30 sharply every day from the relevant buss terminal.

Return tickets are 15 % cheaper and are good for 2 months

You will arrive in Mytikas at around 13:30 in the afternoon, make sure you tell the driver that you want to go to Mytikas and get to the passboat for Kalamos(it is another ,second stop in the mytikas harbor and not the one in the church which is the first)

The name of the boat leaving for the central village of Kalamos is Joanna and it leaves at 14:15 exactly

Take care as there is no other boat going to Kalamos during the day and sea taxi costs several tenths of time more on average.

The boat trip is around 30 minutes, when you get to the main port of Kalamos (not Episkopi) we will be waiting for you to take you to the field station

Don’t forget to take plenty of photographs along the way



Field volunteer program in biodiversity conservation monitoring and permaculture in the Greek Ionian Islands is currently offering the following opportunities:

  • biology
  • ecology
  • agriculture
  • permaculture
  • science
  • wildlife work
  • marine wildlife work


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