Join us in this sacred spiritual retreat to embrace and embody true love and expand consciousness in the magical Rio Chirripo Lodge, Costa Rica Mountains.

A unique retreat with indigenous healing modalities of Yoga, Andean and Amazonian sacred plants and medicines for transformation.

Reconnect to the heart pulse of life with daily conscious movements and more, with lead facilitators Pablo Lucero and Sarah Taggart. Explore Andean Cosmovision and Amazon ceremonies facilitated by experienced medicine man Eran Faqir through life-changing sacred medicines, San Pedro (Huachuma) and Kambo, surrounded by the lush nature and beauty of Costa Rica.

Live life pure, whole and content.





Daily movement, yoga and workshops to revitalize the body, mind and spirit.

Radical Change

Life lesson workshops on topics such as managing fears, uncovering blind spots and limitations, creating a clear space for change.


3x daily meals (vegan, vegetarian, keto)

3 Kambo (frog medicine) treatments

Remove energy blockages and negative emotions

Sacred Ceremonies


One San Pedro (Huachuma) Grandfather ceremony

Cacao ceremony

Rapé ceremony (Sacred Tabaco snuff)

Fire ceremonies


Experience the delight of life in the spectacular natural surroundings of this unique mountain lodge in Costa Rica. The perfect place to relax, explore and be one with nature.


Expand your consciousness through the intelligent alchemy of these wise, ancient healing arts and indigenous modalities, medicines and ceremonies. Meditation, Breathwork, Conscious Talks.


Experience union of mind, body, spirit and divine as ONE. Learn to live in equanimity with all.



(Phyllomedusa bicolor)

Kambô has been used for thousands of years by native tribes in the Amazon to kill bacteria, boost their immune systems and sharpen senses for hunting. Kambo contains over 200 bioactive peptides, providing deep healing for various conditions. Phyllomedusa bicolor is a large green nocturnal frog that lives in the trees of the Peruvian and Brazilian Amazon Basin.

Adult frogs secrete a venom which is used by the native Mayoruna and Matses Indians of Peru and the Yawanawa and Huinikuin (Kaxinawa) tribes of Brazil, as a hunting aid. The secretion is introduced into the blood and lymphatic systems through small breaks in the skin, after which the active peptides contained in the secretion can produce short lasting, somewhat severe gastrointestinal and cardiovascular side-effects, followed by increase in strength, heightened senses, and resistance to hunger and thirst.

Kambô is used to help lift “panema” or bad luck due to irregular heart rhythm. Supports immune system disorders, diabetes, preventive against Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease, depression, aches and pains, migraine headaches, low energy, skin disorders, lymes disease and many other conditions.

There are NO psychoactive effects from taking Kambo.

Kambo benefits:

Detox and purification

Supports with depression

Helps cure migraines

Blood circulation problems

Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease

Vascular insufficiency

Organ diseases


Fertility problems

Deeply rooted toxins


Chronic pain

Drug and Alcohol addiction

Fever and infections

Negative energies (known as “panema”)

Living out of rhythm

Lymes disease

Auto Immune System Disorders

Thyroid Issues

Concentration issues



(Huachuma) Grandfather

San Pedro is known as the “Abuelo” or “Grandfather” teacher plant. Huachuma grows in the Andes of South America. Huachuama gives us the opportunity to come out of the mind to "see" with the heart, bringing us into the present and helping us to connect with the stillness of nature. In this heightened state of awareness we are able to connect to our true divine self that is within each of us and feel the interconnection to all that is.

Huachuma is a magical plant with consciousness intelligence expanding abilities that take us into the mystery of all through the silence where all is born. Grandfather helps us to heal, grow, and attune to our higher states of consciousness and realize that we are all One.


Huachuma or San Pedro (Trichocereus pachanoi, T. peruvianus and other species), the sacred holistic cactus and visionary teacher plant of the South Americas, is especially associated with the shamans and healers (curanderos) of the Peruvian Andes.

It has been used since ancient times, and in Peru the tradition has been unbroken for over 3,000 years. At the Jaguar temple of “Chavín de Huantar,” in the northern highlands of Peru, there is a a carving showing a mythological being holding a San Pedro which is almost 3,500 years old.

The principal entheogenic alkaloid in the San Pedro cactus is mescaline, concentrated in the green outer skin of the cactus among thirty other alkaloids that have been isolated. Today it is best known in Peru by it’s post-colonial name San Pedro, a reference to the Christian saint who holds the keys to the Gates of Heaven.

Living Conditions.


  • private room
  • shared rooms

Vegetarian Food

  • over 80% locally sourced
  • communally cooked meals


  • fast: streaming video

Ongoing classes

  • breathwork
    1-2 times per week
  • yoga
  • meditation
  • plant medicine
    3-5 times per week

Getting here.

From the North

Once you arrive in the city of San Jose start heading south on route 2 towards San Isidro del General. Once you’re in the city of San Isidro del General take the Pan-American highway heading south, go through the city of San Isidro, over two bridges and you’ll see a sign on your right that says PARQUE NACIONAL CHIRRIPO and Maxi Bodega supermarket on your left. Take the road on your left that goes parallel to the highway. Follow that road for approximately 12 kilometers until you get to the town of Rivas, once you pass the center of town (church will be on your right, bars on your left), turn right (DO NOT continue straight ahead) and go for about 9 kilometers on a, mostly paved, road until you get to the village of Canaan, go past thecemetery of Cannan and 50 meters more you’ll see a paved driveway and a sign that says “RIO CHIRRIPO RETREAT“, we’ll be waiting for you.

From the South

If you are coming from the south pass the Monte General Mall on your left and going north you’ll pass three traffic lights, once you pass the third one start looking for a sign that says PARQUE NACIONAL CHIRRIPO and immediately after that a road on the right side that goes parallel to the highway, follow that road for approximately 12 kilometers until you get to the town of Rivas, once you pass the center of town (church will be on your right, bars on your left),turn right (DO NOT continue straight ahead) and go for about 9 kilometers on a mostly paved road until you get to the village of Canaan, go past the cemetery of Canaan and 50 meters more you’ll see a paved driveway and a sign that says “RIO CHIRRIPO RETREAT“, we’ll be waiting for you.

You can get to Rio Chirripo Lodge by taking a Sansa Plane to San Isidro del General. This is a new service the Sansa airline recently made available. Once you get to the city of San Isidro we can arrange transportation to bring you right over to our lodge.

From-toDepartureArrivalSan Jose- San Isidro07:5508:30San Jose- San Isidro13:0013:30San Isidro-San Jose08:4009:15San Isidro-San Jose13:4014:10

By Bus…

If you are in San Jose or nearby areas:

There are buses leaving from the Musoc bus station in San Jose every hour starting at 5:30 am until 6:30 pm. Click here to see map of bus stop location.

The bus you take at Musoc will bring you to the city of San Isidro which will normally take about three to three and a half hours. From San Isidro you can take a taxi or another bus to Rio Chirripo Retreat.

If you take a taxi from San Isidro to Rio Chirripo Retreat it will cost about $30 and takes about 30 minutes. There are taxis where Musoc bus stops. Take the red ones as those are the official ones. Tell them you are coming to Canaan/kaanan/.

If you take another bus to Rio Chirripo Lodge(Canaan) you must walk or take a taxi to the central market in San Isidro, a taxi will cost about $3 or $4 to the terminal. It is usually a blue bus and it has a screen in the front of the bus that says San Gerardo- Canaan- Chimirol. It takes approximately one hour. The fare is 1000 colones (roughly $2). Click here to see map of the terminal.

If you plan to take the bus let us know so we can send you the most current schedule.

If you are coming from any other location e-mail us and we can send you the bus instructions to arrive here

By taxi…

If you are not planning on driving a car, taking a taxi is the easiest way to get here. You can take a taxi from the Juan Santa Maria airport in Alajuela or any other location in the Metropolitan area to Rio Chirripo for about $150 to $180 each way. We can recommend reliable taxi services from San Jose, please let us book your trip or contact us for their phone numbers.

Renting a van…

If you have a group of up to 14 people traveling with you, there is a van service for about $245. This price is one way from the airport to Rio Chirripo Retreat & Hotel. The price can change, please contact us for the price at the time that you need the service.


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