Journey in the heart of Costa Rica's 'Osa Peninsula' for a powerful 10-day plant medicine retreat for personal and planetary renewal and transformation. 3 Yage ceremonies and 3 Renewals held in accordance with the Siekopai tradition from the Ecuadorian Amazon. The Seikopai's lineage embodies the essence of an ancestral sacred science passed on to them by a race of Celestial Immortals called the Wiñapai (always new ones).

Experience a truly rare opportunity to participate in ceremonies from an ancient tradition held with high integrity, in a very safe, comfortable and pristine environment. 

The qualities of selfless service to others, humility, strong work ethic and cultivating kind and generous hearts are central to the Siekopai (aka Secoya) way of life. The surviving elders are the last of a living library of plant knowledge and Shamanic wisdom, entrusted to maintain a sacred connection to heavenly realms and preserve cultural heritage.

Jonathon our ethnobotanist and host has spent 26 years in the Amazon and has undergone many powerful initiations and graduations. He's the author of the acclaimed book "Rainforest Medicine - Preserving Indigenous Science and Biodiversity in the Upper Amazon" Graham Hancock, author of "Supernatural: Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind" is quoted saying

"Rainforest Medicine" teaches us a great deal. While holding true to adventure, the journey goes deep into the earth consciousness where the real medicine for all life exists. Weisberger is one of the great ethnobotanists of our time. Even more so, he is without a doubt one of the finest ambassadors for our planet. "

The Osa Peninsula is said to be the most biologically intense place on the planet, and Ocean forest Ecolodge provides you with the perfect setting to relax and go deep into your transformational process. We're located beside a pristine beach, and plenty of spots to enjoy listening and watching Toucans, Scarlet Macaws, Capuchins, Howler Monkeys and so much more!

Part of the proceeds from this event and are channelled to conservation and preservation projects in the Ecuadorian Amazon.


Option One - Full Immersion

July 18-28th - Celebration of Renewal
$1700 for 10 nights / 11 days 3 Sunrise Renewals 3 Ceremonies 

Option Two - Initiation

July 18-28th - Celebration of Renewal
$1250 for 6 nights / 7 days 3 Sunrise Renewals 1 Overnight Ceremonies

**Food, Accommodation, and Taxi or Boat transfers are also included in both options**

**Local and long term resident rates are available, please email us info@rainforestmedicine.net for more info**

We have designed this retreat to be a powerfully immersive experience and introduction to Siekopai tradition. Although attending all of the Renewals and Ceremonies is not compulsory, to receive the maximum healing potential we highly recommend that you come to as many as you can. This event is hosted in the remote rainforest in Costa Rica’s Osa peninsula, please be sure to fully read our “Location Description” and “What to Bring” section. Beneath we have written a brief day-to-day description of how the 7 and 10-day retreats tend to flow, please understand that this is only an outline and although Renewal and Ceremony dates will stay the same, workshops, talks, and hikes may change due to facilitator and group circumstances. We will strive to do our very best to ensure that your stay is comfortable and provide a series of profound transformational experiences.


Day 1 - Meet and Greet. We arrange your airport pick up from Drake Bay or Boat transfers from Sierpe. A member of our staff will meet you off the boat or taxi drop off to help bring your bags to Guaria de Osa where you’ll be greeted with refreshments and lunch or dinner. That evening you’ll receive an EcoLodge induction and we will talk through the renewal ceremonies. A relaxed introductory day to settle in, connect with one another, and a gently adjust to your pristine surroundings.

Day 2 - 3:00am Sunrise Renewal. The second day we will awaken early in the morning to begin the process of cleansing and preparation through the first of three Renewals ceremonies which usually will go on until around 7 am. (you can read more on the renewal process here , and what’s involved here). In the afternoon there’ll be a get together in the temple to begin the series of workshops on Amazonian traditions and medicinal plants from our host Jonathon.

Day 3 - 3:00am Sunrise Renewal. As the cleansing process continues, we arise at 3:00 am again for the second Renewal. In late morning or afternoon they’ll be a plant walk around the property, you’ll receive an overview of the vast range of native and amazonian medicinal plants we have growing at Guaria de Osa. Depending on flow we may continue talks on the traditions in the afternoon. and get an early night to prepare for…

Day 4 - 3:00am Sunrise Renewal The final renewal ceremony, by this time the healing process will be well underway, often participants have strong cleansing and visionary experiences on the third night after the 3 consecutive renewals in a row. Afternoon talks and workshops are likely, depending on energy levels.

Day 5 - Overnight Ceremony. Now we have purged and prepared our bodies, we are ready to receive the sacred medicine and participate in this truly ancient tradition. According to Siekopai traditions we always fast on the days of the ceremony.  We’ll call a meeting in the afternoon to give a preparation talk on the process and protocols for our communion with the celestials.

Day 6 - Rest. After the first night of ceremony we have sharing circles in the morning and then rest and recoup our energies, eating good food. It’s likely we may organise a short hike to the nearby Rio Clara for those that would like to. In the evening we’ll probably screen a documentary from our collection.

Day 7 - Overnight Ceremony (7 Day participants depart) On the seventh day we say farewell to our new friends who came for the 7 day package and the 10 day guests fast for their second night of t ceremony. As the process deepens, we continue to cultivate presence and awareness.

Day 8 - Rest. After the second overnight ceremony we hold a sharing circle and throughout the day recharge our energy. Optional light afternoon activities may be offered, to continue exploring our majestic surroundings.

Day 9 - Overnight Ceremony. Our final day of fast prepares us for the third and final ceremonies. These are often the most powerful, as new energy channels have opened and activated, the medicine can work at very deep levels enabling a deep cleansing of mind and body. We encourage participants to go further on this final ceremony with the celestials.

Day 10 - Rest and Integration. On this beautiful final day we spend time reflecting on the healing, realisations and experiences the prior 10 days provided. We discuss our lives and how the lessons from this process will impact in the most meaningful ways. We go through some of the challenges through the integrations process and share some tools which can offer assistance when venturing back into the big wide world. We end this magical retreat with a fire on the beach with songs and Ecuadorian cacao.

Day 11 - Departure On the day of departure, we wave farewell to new friends and family, who we honour as having the courage to face challenges which most spend their entire lives hiding from. As participants have come closer to understanding who they really are, through the process of learning what they’re not and seeing delusion for what it truly is. Airport picks and boat transfers are arranged. And seeds of the pure potential spread back into the world.


  • Experience a Truly Ancient Amazonian Tradition
  • Series of powerful Immersive plant Ceremonies
  • Discover the most biologically intense place on the Planet

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  • private room
  • shared rooms

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  • restaurant on site


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