Join our very first Ecovillage Design Course at Rancho Mastatal! Ecovillages are intentional settlements that include indigenous villages, urban neighbourhoods and new intentional communities. They are living laboratories for the development of social, cultural, economic and ecological regenerative tools

In this course we will consider personal and systemic solutions in a creative, nourishing, and sustainable way that helps us address the complex situations in the current paradigm.

We will equip ourselves with the skills needed to create a diverse and regenerative culture that connects humans with nature, all life and ourselves. A culture in which we see each other as part of the bountiful and generous natural ecosystem that is the livelihood of every living being. A culture which gives us a greater feeling of belonging to the Earth and the Earth belonging to us.

We will use a holistic approach and learn how to co-create a regenerative culture within a wide-range of topics: social and ecological regeneration, economy and energy systems, governance and decision-making, nature, our inner nature, and more.

You will Learn:

- Urban and rural solutions for transitioning to a resilient society

- Local organic food production and right livelihood

- Permaculture design introduction

Cooperative social economies and complementary currencies

- Holistic decision-making processes, including nature and deep ecology

- Communication skills and dealing with conflict

- Distilling inner and outer resources to support your personal or professional project

- Ecological building and community design

- Cultural and Spiritual diversity practices

This course is aimed at people and organizations in the fields of ecology, community development, education, activism, and politics; as well as all community leaders, parents, entrepreneurs, artists, people who want to start an Ecovillage project, and anyone with an interest in co-creating resilient and regenerative organizations, relationships, and futures.



Vera Franco
Vera is an educator, coach, trainer, group facilitator and artist. She has spent the last 9+ years in the world-renowned Ecovillage of Findhorn in northern Scotland developing and sharpening tools for regenerative education in the context of ecovillage approach design. She has been facilitating workshops on inner permaculture, ecovillage design, deep connection to self, nature and community for over 6 years, collaborating with universities, exchange students as well as individuals that are looking to redesign their lives in a more resilient and fulfilling way. She calls herself an Abundance Midwife and currently travels all over the world to meet, co-create and activate specific communities, festivals, conferences, projects, regions, and people to unleash their potential.

In the last 4 years she has been specializing in the social and cultural dimensions of regenerative design, especially after seeing time and time again beautiful community and ecological projects fail because of lack of social and inner skills of its members. She uses several frameworks like Possibility Management, Deep Ecology, Way of the Council and Sociocracy 3.0 to navigate authentic journeys to empowerment, transformation and presence.

She brings her Bright Principles of Love, Clarity, Presence, Vision and Initiation to all her work. A true Sun and dance worshipper, she loves food, rock climbing, fixing things, creating things, sleeping under the stars and singing. She's an artist of and lives by the motto “If it's not fun, it's not sustainable.''


Saturday, May 23
Travel and arrival day.

Sunday, May 24
Day 1
Survival tour

Monday, May 25
Day 2
Building the group container
Communication skills
Group dynamics

Tuesday, May 26
Day 3
Inner resilience
Governance and decision making

Wednesday, May 27
Day 4
Cultural Diversity
Story of Rancho Mastatal & Costa Rica context

Thursday, May 28
Day 5
Ecological building practice
Ecological building practice
Regenerative connection

Friday, May 29
Day 6
Permaculture and living systems
Applied permaculture
Group time

Saturday, May 30
Day 7
Walk in nature
Project design
Celebration social

Sunday, May 31
Day 8
Water and wastewater systems
Group dynamics and conflict
Film - Money

Monday, June 1
Day 9
Thinking as a designer
Values and vision
Project design

Tuesday, June 2
Day 10
Right livelihood
Social enterprise (local examples)

Wednesday, June 3
Day 11
Alternative currencies and circular economy
Project design
Group time

Thursday, June 4
Day 12
Creating embodied impact (co-support and communication)
Initiatory processes

Friday, June 5
Day 13
Group time
Preparing presentation
Project presentation

Saturday, June 6
Day 14
Review of the course

Sunday, June 7


  • Come out as an empowered human being with more tools about how to collaborate with others
  • capable of thinking like a co-creator of regenerative cultures wherever you are
  • Find out how to deal with communication and conflict
  • Find out what are your strengths and who you need on your team
  • Learn what are the downfalls of most ecovillage projects and learn how not to fall there!
  • Practice new evolutionary skills with the classroom community
  • Live in an eco paradise in Costa Rica with pristine waterfall and nature!

Living Conditions.


  • shared rooms

Vegan Food

  • communally cooked meals
  • over 80% locally sourced


  • slow: emails only


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