Finca Morpho is proud to host its second natural building course with Trey Abernethy. 

This course is designed for those who would like practical natural building skills and and hands on experience working with bamboo. It would suit owner-developers, professional contractors, permaculturists, or anyone looking to build with regenerative and sustainable materials and methodologies. No prior experience or special skills are necessary. Just a reasonable level of physical fitness and willingness to learn.

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In the lectures and hands-on workshops you will learn:

* Bamboo varieties, harvesting, processing and treatment and curing methods

* Bamboo splitting, bending, drilling, pegging, lashing, fish mouths and other joining techniques

* Bamboo design, finishing and maintenance

* Bamboo and hardwood pin and binder stick making

* Bamboo wattle and split panels

* Building Foundations

* Specialty tools for Bamboo Construction

During this week long course we will construct a small bamboo structure, completing the entire framing process from start to finish. For those wanting to further their learning and practice we are offering a 2 week working practicum directly after the course. during the practicum we will be building a second bamboo structure.


Trey Abernethy

Trey is driven by a deep love for nature and a desire to break free from modern industrial society. After 12 years of witnessing wasteful, toxic, and unsustainable methods, he knew there was a better way to build. While living in Florida, he began taking courses on cob and earthen plasters. In 2013, he moved to Costa Rica and continued learning about natural building, permaculture, and holistic living.

The following year, he received his Permaculture Design Certificate and attended a week-long course on building with bamboo, cob, adobe, and plasters with Rodolfo Saenz.
Soon thereafter he joined the build crew for the Envision festival, learning from a range of experts on bamboo design and building. Trey continues to work on large scale bamboo design and builds at Envision festival eachyear.
2015, he attended a 2-week earthen building course at Rancho Mastatal, which included the aforementioned materials, as well as lime, natural pigments and paints, including tadelakt, an amazing waterproof limestone plaster technique from Morocco.
After participating in and leading many natural building projects in Costa Rica, Trey is confident in his skill sets for teaching and empowering other to build with local and sustainable materials, in harmony with nature.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Rodolfo Saenz

Rodolfo Saenz began his career as a craftsman over 30 years ago. He first learned to work with wood and later received training in a variety of techniques with bamboo, which led him to manufacturing furniture from bamboo combined with hardwoods and various other materials.

Originally trained in conventional construction, he learned to build houses with bamboo and cob. In 2010, he built his own house with natural materials and now has more than 25 years of experience as a contractor in Costa Rica.Rodolfo is passionate about sharing his skills and knowledge by teaching sustainable building and design. Learn more at ConstruccionEnBarro.com.


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  • 100% Organic Farm Fresh Food Served
  • Daily Yoga

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  • hammocks
  • tent camping
  • shared rooms

Vegan Food

  • over 80% locally sourced


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  • meditation
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