Learn the essential techniques to build your own bamboo structures. Join us in this adventure, 46 hours of lectures and hands-on activities in one of the most magical spots in Colombia.

Once you finish this course, you will have the essential skills to build your own bamboo structures. We live and respect what we teach. Our motivation for sharing the skills and techniques that we have learn is our love and admiration for nature. This is also one of the reasons we only take few students per course. 


The course is organized by Ecofinca Akasha Permaculture School. We are a collective of experienced bio-constructors and Permacultors who decided to live in a more conscious way, close to nature. We love what we do and have a keen interest on sharing what we learn with people who are searching for a sustainable way of life.

Food and lodging is included. We offer shared rooms (2 people maximum). Food, we have the option of vegan or vegetarian meals (eggs and dairy) 

What will you learn?

· Planning and prep of your bamboo project

· Treatment and processing of bamboo

· Construction of foundations and bases

· Tools and techniques (bamboo master tricks)

· Essential cuts and joinery

· Installation of columns and structures

· Basic walls and roofing techniques

· Bamboo maintenance  

Living Conditions.


  • shared rooms

Vegetarian Food

  • over 80% locally sourced


  • None: Off the grid

Getting here.

Getting here is easy! we will send you detailed instructions on how to get to Akasha once we received your application. 


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